Adon's theme song

His theme is badass.


Best theme in the game, looking forward to listening to this while playing with Adon

IMO Adon has always had the best sound track out of all the alphas. Really happy with the SSFIV version.

Haha i must be in the minority, i don’t really like his super theme at all. Can’t feel the sounds, his trailer theme was better.

IMO this is the best version: [media=youtube]VGSqmOjDgIg&feature=related[/media]

I don’t know, I prefer the SSFIV one.

The guitar in that theme is amazing, i really like what they did with most of the remixed themes.

You know what Adon’s theme makes me think of?

Mega Man X

I liked the remix in the New Challengers trailer better. The second best is the SFA Arranged one IMO.

sfa og theme > _______

and proof of divinity (alpha 3 theme) kicks ass also. good training music

Sounds like a Dynasty Warriors song

I want this song played at my funeral

awesome track :smiley:
its one of the few really good ones that hasnt been made ‘dancy’ I used to love Kens from sf2 [media=youtube]ai4y6qrIQc8[/media]
but they went and made it all lame :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a Sonic Adventure level.

he has the best new character theme but i think Guys is the most unique. It seems like Capcom put thought into their themes instead of making them all techno dance-like. I still like Cammys and Sakuras probably for nostalgic reasons.

Some version of his themes I like more than others, but overall very rockin’ theme :wink:

Adons theme is one of my favorites

I’d love to see it get done by Nachmistium

Street Fighter Alpha 3: Proof of Divinity.

I agree! Best version. I made a top 25 SF songs, and Adon’s was number 7; This version to be precise.

If anyone cares to watch…

Haha, [media=youtube]56b5Qeqxtz8[/media]!

I think the Alpha 2 Gold version is the best, myself.
[](Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold - Adon theme)