adopt a noob???

Hey guys I’m kinda new to the whole vs series games and with the release of mvc3 I figured I might start playing. So I did and I’ve been browsing the forum on the daily trying to get info and have even thrown a few bucks away at local tourneis and I don’t think I’m learning anything. so I was wondering if some1 out there had the time would u mind helping me get better with like critique or advice or things I should do/learn as well as like a few games maybe idk…rlly any help would be appreciated. I’m from ny and I’m on psn

Psn: flytai45

Just hit me up whenever I’m available at random times throughout the day.

if you’re willing to learn alongside me, I’m pretty new to this game and I wouldn’t mind playing someone around my level much more regularly than I do through the online.

I’m a 9th Lord if that give you an idea of where I’m at.

Lol we can play whenever just send me a friend request on psn and lol ur lv in ranked Dnt rlly mean anything…Dnt let that fool u bro :wink:

I’m in 4th lord up at the moment and there really is no need for this thread. Hey 120% Dood up in the skies, please close this thread please!!

:wonder: Use this thread:
or this thread… dood: