Advance guard basics and how it applies in MvC3

I posted the following in the basics thread of MvC 3 hoping to get an answer but i did not. While the question appears to be character and game specific, it is a game mechanic that has been around for quite a while so it applies to a lot of games. I’m looking for some expert advice on the best and proper use of advance guard and maybe some answers to why i see people go with that option instead of punishing with a damaging combo.

As you said, the primary use of it is to push opponents away, but the trick behind it is that AG’ing is linked to dashing (At least is was in Marvel and TvC, I’m assuming MvC3 will hold the same).

so as the attacker, if you see someone pushing your entire string, you can create a “gap” and force the opponent to dash, then punish them during the dash.

As the defender, AG’ing has a few benefits. Air attacks tend to fall towards the ground when AG’d, obviously your attacker is pushed away, and some moves are actually canceled when AG’d.

That last one is actually more of a TvC thing, I know when Morrigan’s Standing C is AG’d, the entire animation just stops or when Ken the Eagle has Bird rush AG’d he’ll just stop in place (If he uses the air version) or stop in front of you (If he uses the ground version).

Along side this, Pushblocking has special properties on air opponents, with Sentinel, he will physically move away if you push him while he’s flying or if you AG Zero before he does his command dash he won’t get the crossup.

That’s a few things, correct me if I messed anything up, but that’s some of the pros and cons of AG. Of course this is assuming there’s no major changes in Marvel 3.

This explanation is good. Basically, not every move is affected the exact same way by AG. Particularly on airborne opponents, it can change the properties and animations of the move entirely depending on characters and moves. That offensive “gap” strategy is interesting and sounds like good “scrub killing” tactics. Being a scrub myself at just about any game i play, i’ve never given this much thought but it makes sense.

The thought just came to my mind during that second round of the Gamespot tournament. I thought i saw a competent, tourney Dormammu player spamming AG, struggeling like hell to keep the opponent off his ass. (granted nobody knows a damned thing abiut this game yet…) It made me ask myself, “why doesn’t he just punish with damage?” But then i just figured there were some things i don’t fully understand about AG. Shrugs

In any case, thank you for the answer and tips.