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I just started playing the game again after a somewhat long hiatus (like 2 years) and I’m hoping I can learn some new tricks. Hopefully some of you guys can help me out.

First a question: How the hell does Sodom fight Chun-Li? Her jumping short beats his crouching fierce alot of the time, and his crouching strong doesn’t work either. Sac-throwing doesn’t get me too far if she times the kick right. Nothing short of an AC seems to work. Her standing jabs are great pressure, and she can mix that up with throws. Her ducking RH beats alot as well. Is there any tricks I can use against her or is this a complete mismatch? I’ve noticed she’s considered kind of a monster in this game.

I hope we can get some good Alpha 2 conversation into the air.

Skillionaire fighting 5 results

User his supers, they take off more than normal punches and kicks, but you only get 3 altogether


you cant, chun li is god in that game.:frowning:

and in 3s and in XvSF.

damn…weaken that bitch!:mad:


Sodom’s Lvl1 Scrape super trades with many of Chun’s pokes, so it isn’t worth it to throw them out randomly. Actually, it isn’t such a good idea to throw out supers randomly for any reason. I guess just using the Alpha Counter wouldn’t be such a bad idea, seeing how fast you gain meter.

Yeah, Chun-Li has a lot going for her in the game. Crazy low forward and whatnot. But fighting an uphill battle makes the match-ups more entertaining, IMO. :cool:

I’m not really so bad at the game, so if you have any questions, feel free to post. Come on, people still play Alpha 2! You know who you are.


Sodom is pretty much fucked, kinda like most of the rest of the characters. Chun has way too much priority and speed for Sodom to keep up (not to mention that huge ass damage custom combo of hers). Not much (if anything) in Sodom’s repetoire will beat her jumping short or crouching RH (some moves might trade, but even then, they are few and far between). Sorry, I don’t play Sodom much, but Chun’s got him beat clean.


A2 Chunli is a symbol of typical Capcom girl charcters - good speed, ungodly air priority, easy ass combos.

however, things aren’t so grim, since this IS alpha 2, the land of alpha counters. Plus Sodom has some other advantages as well.

Against jumping chun : chunli can either stick her legs out early or late when she jumps. Sodom can counter in 5 ways :

  1. Jumping back roundhouse - this is just on reaction/prediction. Sodom has an above average air to air roundhouse.
  2. Crouching fierce : against chunli who sticks leg out late
  3. Throw : against chunli for sticks leg out early
  4. Alpha counter : against chunli who sticks leg out early
  5. His air catchy thingie : for fun :slight_smile:

Against crouching forward chun, try sticking out standing short and fierce at max range. You can also throw in a jab 360 every now and then and it WILL hit Chun from that range. If you have a level 2 or above meter jump straight up. From there you get multiple options

  1. If Chun walks forward you do jumping forward.
  2. If Chun tries to crouch forward + roundhouse you can 720 or do rush super.
  3. If Chun jumps you block, then throw her ass when you both land.

Sodom’s effective range IMO is about 1 to 2 characters outside Chun’s crouching forward range. Mainly you have to use standing fierce and jab jitte scrap to keep her there. Build up that meter and AC anything she throws at you. Chunli can’t CC you from that range.

Another important thing to remember about Sodom is that he can recover roll BACKWARDS. Always always roll backwards whenever you hit the floor. This puts you in your ideal range and Chun has to work her way back in.


Actually I’ve been playing this matchup a decent amount recently, and I’ve found that Sodom doesn’t lose the fight for free. Let me just write down what I’ve found.

Sodom has a solid ground game, but Chun’s is just insane. Although like you said, positioning is paramount. Sodom CAN counter it although you end up using many flimsy anti-airs depending on the situation. I end up just saving meter for the AC and just trying to stay out of the way of her jump.

Sodom’s C.RH is great. It accents his ground game very well, and is his best mid-range move, IMO. Learn the range on it. His Standing strong and standing forward are also good, and you can cancel the forward into a jab Jitte Slash, then possibly follow it up with a Slide. His crouching short is also important, and every so often I buffer it into his 360+P. This is effective but should be done no more than like, twice a match because it is not a tick and you can be jabbed out of it on reaction. Sometimes I’ll use a standing strong after a crouching short, because it will whack people jumping away expecting the 360. More later.

You know in all the years I’ve played Alpha 2 I never knew about that backwards roll! :smiley: How do you do it?

Does anyone have any CC’s with Sodom? What’s the Chun-Li one that was mentioned?

I haven’t tried this, but couldn’t Chun-li just walk under you and hit you with her C.RH? That functions as a great anti-air.


that bitch has wayyyyyyyy too much going for her.

c. hp
wall jumps
standing lp
and that damn coustom combo!:mad:


The Chun Li CC is:

cr. RH --> Lightning Kick til meter is almost gone --> Rising Spinning Bird Kick

I think that with a full meter, this can kill.


The Sodom CC i usually go for is: Blow-out CC, forward into repeated strong jitte strikes, CC meter runs out, d.fierce into 360+rh. Painfull. Although, sometimes they get knocked off their feet at the end off the CC sometimes (?) which means you can’t d.fierce into 360+rh. I have no idea why.

Try it after a blocking a high jump-in, or when she tries to throw.


Most useless advice ever.


lololololol agreed das


What are the tiers for this game anyway?

My guess is (from what I’ve read, seen and heard):

Ken, Chunli, Rose

Ryu ??

Dan (tho he isn’t too bad).


Also, utilize Sodom’s grab moves, when positioned right, she has trouble getting out of them, also his 720 grab super, it really kills her life meter…i think grabs would mean the death of Chunny in this game…

my favorite matchup is Chunny vs Bison, Chun owns Bison for free!!! literally!!


Traditionally, the top tier is known as “The (Big) Four” -

Chun Li

Most people put Zangief in the second tier, but other than him it’s debateable.

Dan is considered 2nd worst in the game, better than only Birdie. I however am willing to prove everyone wrong about that. I think Dhalsim is pretty shitty in A2, and Dan is somewhere closer to mid-tier.


i really think sim is decent. his only real flaw(granted its a big flaw) is that ac’s destroy his limbs. but other than that, i still think hes a solid character. good CC and inferno super and the typical sim shit. its just that damn downfall when it comes to getting owned by ac’s


What is Guy’s CC?


Actually, if someone can post CCs for all the characters that would be most helpful. :smiley:

What do you guys think of Sakura? I thought that she was one of the top four, after Ken, Ryu and Chun. But then, I only learned of Rose’s sneaky low strong not too long ago.


Most CCs consist of initial normal (more often than not, it is cr. RH), to repeatedly special until meter is nearly done, then finishing special for hits.

eg. Ken - cr. Rh --> repeated jab DP --> fierce DP

however, some characters have different customs (although almost all still rely on repeating the same move)

Rose and Ryu - fireball rave (still same idea, cr. RH --> repeated fireballs, although I think that Rose’s is cr. Rh --> short Soul Spiral --> repeated fireballs)

Rolento - cr. RH --> superjumping shorts and forwards (I think)

As for Sak, she isn’t nearly as good in this game as she was in A3. She seems slower, fireballs come out slower (to me), and her CCs aren’t really that good (nowhere near as good as her VCs in A3). She isn’t a bad character, but nowhere near the top 4 in this game.


ken/ryu/akuma CC’s i use are trip, rh hurricane kick, srk x2, does hella damage…chuns of course everyone knows hers…umm lets see thats about all the cc’s i know! lol, i only use 3 characters.

i shall try to find a sakura one…