Advanced A2 Discussion

Um, no. After the top 4, second tier is: Zangeif, Rolento, Sakura
Sakura is still very solid with the best cross-up games in the cast. She’s very near the top.

Rose CCs? Why bother? CCs are the last thing you’ll be wanting to spend her meter on. Level 1 Illusion, Level 1 Soul Throw, and both ACs are far better options than her CCs. But if you must:

Rose CC1: cr.HK, LK Soul Spiral xN, HP Soul Throw
Rose CC2: (with charged fireball), cr.HK, LP Soul Spark xN
Ken CC: cr.HK, HK Hurricane Kick xN, HP Dragon Punch

sakura has an awesome ground game yet her air game sucks, except for her crossup fk, jumping straight up, rh on the way down is pretty good if you play rushers…her bnb’s are nice as usual

Sakura: For her custom combo, trip and immediately cancel into hk hurricane kick, then xx into the dragon punch at the end of her hurricane kick. Its weird but with sakura, but if you want to get full damage with her hurricane kick, make sure you cancel when the opponent is still near the ground, and not flying outward from the cc cr. rh.

Rose: never really try it on arcade, but for people who can’t roll, use her hp grab in the corner with her. So for example, actiavte cc, cr. rh, xx hk drill xx (air grab * n). It works on snes thats for sure. If at all possible, safe your super for her anti-air grab or better yet the soul illusion. It gives rose ability for insane chip damage.

Guys CC: trip, bushin elbow x n then hurricane kick to end.

Rolentos CC is sick. trip, scouter jump and lk repeatedly.

all CC’s should start with c.rh, if anything for the Valle CC factor.

No. All CC’s should start with a LOW HIT. Guy and Zangief have extremely damaging CCs starting with c.forward.

shit, didn’t know there were decent non-sweep ccs.

Guy’s c.forward IS a sweep. It’s just faster than his slide. Gief’s c.forward isn’t… it’s just so you can keep them grounded so you can end the combo with a grab (although I seem to remember there being a glitch where you can still SPD at the end of juggling CC… but that may have just been a rumor). Gief’s CC that starts with a c.roundhouse still isn’t that bad…

The Rose CC that I put up does a ton of damage if done properly. I believe that if you do the soul sparks fast enough, you can do 100% damage with it.

Gunter: I kinda consider Guy’s cr. Forward to be a psuedo-sweep since you can cancel the first hit (which doesn’t knock down) into other moves.

Please don’t use the SNES version of the game for examples. That game is screwed up to shit.

For anyone who’s wondering about CC’s, check out my Alpha 2 vid here. It has each character’s most damaging CC (or at least the most damaging one I could find). Transcript can be found on the same page.


LOL! Thanks for the props. Maybe NOW ppl will believe in the power of DAN! BWAHAHAHA!

Too bad we couldn’t play at Evo. Those damn ST players hogged all the cabinets, couldn’t play the best SF ever…

you wouldn’t mind posting that Guy CC would you? Or is it just the Bushin Elbow xn -> Hurricane Kick as someone else posted

Rose’s fireball CC only does insane damage if your Soul Spark is powered up (like 6-8 absorbs). No one with a brain will allow her to absorb that many. After at most 2 absorbs, most people stop when they see they’ve just given her a free level. Her repeated Soul Spirals is the more practical combo.

Still not a bad thing to have in her repetoire if fighting someone who is a little too fireball happy.

Not like she really needs it, all she needs is crouching strong :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Gunter, I understand your something of a Zangief expert, so here’s a question for ya.

Are Zangief’s ticks in this game as effective as they seem? I’ve used various ticks on various people over the years and they said they couldn’t jump out of it. I don’t know if thats true, but they seem very effective. On that note, do you think that using CCs with him is worth it over ticking the FAB, or the FAB in general?

I wouldn’t call myself an expert… I just stole all my stuff from Chensor, Sirlin, and various Gief players in Japan. :cool:

But as far as ticks with him go… forward knees into SPD is extremely good. It is WAY too good. A2 was the last version of SF where he could tick with such success.

And Gief’s meter should be used for CCs 95% of the time. Even at level 1, ppl can’t block low if they were standing when you activated. Gief has the longest non-slide c.roundhouse in the game (maybe tied with Rose?), and comboing into Green Hands from that leads to BIG damage. I never really tick into FABs. I like to empty jump and land with FABs once in a while, as it’ll grab any poke that they tried to stick out. I’ll use FABs maybe 1% of the time I’m playing him. The other 4% is for ACs. His ACs are really really good. You just have to know when to use which one (although I tend to lean towards his Kick AC in more situations…).

What is the damage formula for a good CC in A2? Is it the highest amount of hits, or the special moves, or what? What makes a good CC?

Just some little tips:

Don’t be afraid to try anti-air CCs, they get crazy damage too. EX: Ken CC (d)strong, jab DP xN, hp DP.

Use CCs to get out of ticks (Gief)

Don’t be afraid to throw with Sakura, it’s great. Not the throw itself, but because it leads to perfect crossup opportunity.

If you get caught Standing (and they CC), at least TRY to counter with a special or CC. I’ve seen too many people just eat the CC without even trying to stop it. Even if you get blow-back. It’s hard, but why not right?

Oh yeah, what’s the deal with Bison? He seems soo shitty. Alpha Fat Bison = bleh

c.rh -> hurrican kick works too, main one i use lol…

More random questions on CCs:

1.) Does invincibility play any role in seting up a CC? I’ve tried blowing through fireballs with it and have just ended up getting hit as I ran through it. Is it worth the effort?

2.) Did anyone check out NKI volume 6? That is some crazy shit. Is that what the tournament CCs look like?

3.) If you can’t block in reaction to a CC, can you CC in reaction to a CC? It seems like its possible, but I’ve not tried it yet.