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this thread is so silent


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this thread is so silent


Do you have any footage of the Japanese Alpha 2 player DAVIDOFF?


Final Round 18 is holding A2 with 240 dollar bonus pot.


Is that A2 tourney on Friday or Saturday? I’m probably going to play 3rd Strike the majority of the time but an A2 tourney sounds fun


Supposed to be Friday.


Search for his SN


How is this game played online?


Is “davidoff” actually GunterJPN? He plays Gief too…


Idk I could ask him if you want.


i wana know if davidoff is clorets they dominate play alot alike hit confirm alot alike on gods level


I remember when clorets first started playing. Dude got real good after a few years. I used to wreck him bad. I like his gen.


Footage from Toryuken 6, just in case you guys aren’t on the Facebook group.


BAS’s new A2 tier list.


Is this game still alive in Japan at all? People are still playang an ancient game like st on a competitive level.


Is BAS playing the same game and not Alpha zero 2 upper gold?


BAS plays regular A2. I don’t know if you saw, he showed up to a 2 Old 2 Furious tournament on the east coast (A2, EX2, CvS2, ST). Finals @ 8h 13m

There’s also a Japanese A2 tournament video from the other day, that he also played in. (finals @ 17:27)

Player base in Japan seems to be small from what I can tell. For example, I would bet the reason BAS places Sakura and Nash at A-tier is because he’s run into a really good Nash player and a good Sakura player. He puts Ken/Chun/Akuma at equal rank because he realizes that those characters are strong, but he can beat most any Ken or Chun player he runs into. This would also explain why he dumps a dozen characters into “others”, because he hasn’t collected enough data.

Just my 2 cents.

That aside, always worth rethinking tiers, especially since people aren’t exactly throwing new ideas at A2 anymore.