Advanced Aegis Setups



I’m pretty good with basic Urien stuff, but I want to really master him. Does anyone have any advanced strategies? Specifically, I’m looking for aegis setups off a or c.short, upward aegis? What do you do with urien when you aren’t juggling? I really hate sitting on a meter and a half.


Throw, dash, c.short, headbutt is the most fun I’ve had in a while. Also, headbutt, ex aegis, shoulder is pretty cool. Is there another way to finish that? maybe dash, headbutt?


dosent c. short upward mirror combo in the corner?


Yeah, c.short, upward mirror, s.jab, s.strong. The mirror kind of goes past them and the chain pushes them back into it. Does anyone know if this works on all characters?

Also, what about UOH upward mirror? In the videos I have it doesn’t look like it’s meaty or late. It looks like a UOH from right next to a crouching opponent (in the corner) always combos with the mirror. Is this character specific? Does it work mid-screen?


Not sure about midscreen but it does work in the corner, you just have to follow it up with something because the mirror will only hit like once or twice


Use the mirror to allow you to link unusual ground combos. since EX Aegis doesnt lift you can do lifter crush crush, and then (if you had a meter and a hel fyou woudl have gotten enough for another aegis hence them being on the ground you can do a corner unblockable or FP aegis whiffed into 2 more crushes.


I’m not sure if I follow. Are you saying to do an elbow (d+hp), shoulder, shoulder, then standard corner aegis stuff? Where does the upward mirror come into play? Also, I’m looking more for midscreen combos or ones that don’t start with an elbow or anti-air fireball.


If you catch a standing opponent like hugo, Q or urien or even Gill (in other words, tall sprites) after a tackle–> EX aegis in the corner you can do 3 or 4 st.jabs, then cr.fierce–>jab sphere, st.strong, tackle–> ex aegis and repeat etc. Requires hella good timing though. If your looking to launch rather than keep the opponent on the ground after the cr.fierce, sphere, you can just charge during the sphere and then do st.strong, EX headbutt :slight_smile: (infact after 2 rounds of tackle–>EX aegis and the moves in between, you can do the moves again and you will have charged enough bar for an EX move so you can finish with launcher and then atleast two tackles). On smaller sprites the EX aegis does not combo in with the st.jabs properly though I have noticed :\

Another good midscreen ground aegis set up that I always suggest is tackle, EX aegis, cr.short, tackle, EX aegis, cr.short tackle. Good execution time needed.


On wakeup, you can do:

Jab headbutt -> EX Aegis -> short tackle xx FP Aegis -> RH tackle

Then maybe RH Knee over them and go for unblockable. :slight_smile:


It is midscreen, because the EX aegis acts as a break in the combo allowing you to charge for amore tackles and continuing the juggle. The trick is to cancel the EX aegis RIGHT after the second tackle.

About the corner BS i was merely REALLY tired from work so i was rambling on as a finished the post. Sorry botu that.

That would work on moswt character too. Since the EX aegis in the corner will hit them at least once as it is going up. So i assume the timing woudl ahev to be a bit tighter but still possible. Just easier on big guys.


Well to compensate, I have found that this works on shotos in the corner as a great ground combo with the EX aegis (I have seen this on a combo video, but I have also tried it):

Start with UOH on crouching opponent then do EX aegis, cr.jab, forward tackle, cr.jab, forward tackle, st.jab, cr.fierce (first hit only), RH tackle–> EX aegis, repeat.

I will try this on other chars when I get the time, I have a feeling it will work with the above pattern, or with slight variation.