Advanced Charge Mechanics

Ok, so I was just messing around on Practice mode a while ago, and I had the computer set on jump in training mode (vs. ken). I was firing some anti air spheres and messing around with tackles and stuff. So I decided to try and partition tackles in between the regular gaps of tackles. Which means, that when you buffer a tackle from toward, to back + kick, and then you keep the back charge held the next tackle, and so on. I found out, quite obviously, that if you do this, t he 3rd tackle is already ready to go straight away. Because you have charged back in two segments before the 3rd tackl,e the 3rd one is immediate. So,

Anti air sphere, ch.back, toward, back + MK, toward, back + MK, then the next one is ready cause of the two back charges before hand.

Now, its always better to buffer tackles to downback! Why? Because you partition a tackle and a headbutt at the same time, what a result. It doesn’t matter what strength tackles you use, it works out anyway. So,

Anti air sphere, ch.downback, toward, downback + Roundhouse, toward, downback + roundhouse, then go from downback to toward + MK, then up + MP for headbutt.

The general rule is, buffer to downback for all tackles. then on the last one go from downback to toward + kick, then just up + MP for headbutt. Because you charged downback for all the tackles, you get a immediate tackle and headbutt. Some crazy flashy shit can be done using this, like roundhouse tackle, lk tackle, then roundhouse tackle, ex headbutt, and even three tackles and a headbutt after a cr.fierce! :looney:

All in all, this is just advanced mechanics of charging and whatnot. its only really practical when you haven’t meter for a corner aegis and wanna dish out some unholy damage and look cool while doing it. Keep messing around with the mechanics of charging in 3s and who knows what you could come up with


One of many examples of RX doing it


And here’s me doing it

I don’t believe it’s as easy as you make it out to be…especially after a crouching fierce…the combo rx did was after a high anti air sphere

It’s easy, but after a cr.fierce is hard. Just gotta get the timing down

okay i understand this… one thing i wanna know how to do is dashing headbutts?

and to add some b.s., i was having trouble getting this combo to work i’m still having trouble but this is what i went through.

(midscreen) cr hp, shoulder xx aegis, shoulder, knee drop, *shoulder, headbutt, unblockable.

*i was having trouble getting the wiff shoulder to come out but i figured out the problem i was having in my charging methods. okay to fix this, during the knee drop charge d/b, then as soon as the knee carries you on the other side of the character switch your charge position to your d/f which would be your new d/b then when you recover tap f+shoulder. my problem now is getting the commands out before they get up to perform the unblockable. are there specifics to this combo that i should know?? plz help, thanks in advance.

edit: okay i think i’m confusing myself bc i tinkered somemore and it looks like i looked at the combo wrong.
so nvrmnd. lol but anyways is the *shoulder supposed to be the unblockable?

I don’t really understand what you’re saying but for the traditional midscreen dash headbutt unblockable you just start charging down immediately after the tackle, the dash, charge during dash, then do headbutt after dash

And for you’re first question I think this may help


I am training for this unblockable set and the cr.lp+headbutt loop.

kind of lazy to make a new thread so I’ll ask here:
when you’re partitioning during a forward dash how fast does your hand move from downback to forward-forward to downback again? was wondering if you’d be kind enough to record your hand when you do a forward-dash partitioned headbutt or tackle (like during the bnb midscreen unblockable)

To put it simply, as fast as possible; if the headbutt doesn’t come out, it could also mean that you didn’t charge enough time during the dash.

actually, the best combo aganist everyone you can land two tackles in a row after an anti-air sphere is:
mk tackle, rh tackle, mk tackle, lk or mk tackle, mp headbutt or another lk or mk tackle

the third and fourth tackles should be done the same as the buffered two after cr.hp
the others come out naturally :slight_smile:

for other characters, you have to put in an ex tackle or a lp sphere somewhere