Advanced emulation options

Any know of emulators with options such as playback, input recording, freeze framing, and/or other interisting/usefull options? If so, how do you use them?

kawaks has all this and more, but it sucks for netplay as said in a previous thread…

It really depends which system you are wanting to record, as there are too many options to list otherwise and too many instructions to accompany all of those options as well.

Wha? That’s nonsense.

I hope you’re saying that the recording sucks for netplay…

With netplay recording on kawaks, make sure you press reset for long enough(when u reset) to avoid desyncs. Everything else should work fine.

Do you know how? Ive noticed freeze frame, but I dont know how to set it up replay.

Kawaks is well known for desyncing with older Neo Geo games and having poor keyboard diagonal recognition. We know you like Kawaks. Don’t start this up again. Everyone used kawaks years ago until we figured out that MAME was more reliable.

Recording online is liable to cause desync, whether you’re using kawaks or MAME. My advice is to do it one match at a time with someone you know.
I believe the shortcut for recording on Kawaks is SHIFT F5 or something.

Uhh…Visual Boy Advance lets you record >.> <.<

But that’s GBA…

anything i can use to record on mame or mugen? i have fraps but it doesnt work very good… laggy and crappy >> anything else?

wow, fraps lags on mugen for you? thats bad…

lags on anything X.X cc generals, halo, ffxi, mugen

This has nothing to do with online, nor do I feel any particular loyalty to kawaks. When I say input recording, I mean setting up so that, for example, you are player one and you have player two perform some action, guilty gear replay style. I dont know who you were thinking of when you said “we know you like kawaks”, I neither like it nor dislike it. I am asking for any emulator of Cps1 or Cps2 and am hoping to find out about options I have not known about.

My post was directed at qwazy, not you.

hmmm…I don’t know what you mean by “guilty gear replay style” but its easy to come up with something that mirrors your buttons for a second player.

It’s ridiculous you ignore every comment about people saying Kawaks plays better online but more people use Mame.

T-Kim and other players admited it years ago. Why cant you?

By the way, why do you keep following me into every thread I mention Kawaks in? Got a crush on me, Kuji?

Kawaks has less input lag, but it has a host of other problems with keyboards and Neo Geo games. I never said it wasn’t good for CPS1/2 stuff, but for simplicity’s sake, people stick with one emulator. Maybe you don’t play Neo Geo games or use a keyboard, but a lot of people do.
This is as far as I’m discussing this, and you really have no room to talk since you’re the one who seems to feel it’s necessary to defend kawaks everytime someone questions its stability.
Kawaks is superior only if you’re on a stick/pad playing CPS2 games and only CPS2 games.

Could you tell me how? I have no idea what to do for such a thing.

Give me an emulator name…I’ll do a sample 1 for you.

I use mame predominantly, as do most. Will you do the sample with it?

mame32k 0.64?