Advanced emulation options

assuming its mame32k 0.64 (that seems to be the most popular one): rename your kailleraclient.dll to kailleraclienx.dll and download this to your mame32k directory:

should turn mirroring on automatically when you start a single player game. Or you can control it by sending commands via screen chat functionality. commands: /mc dor turning mirroring off and /ms for enabling mirroring. It may not work if game has more than 1 players in it.

note: it only mirrors player 1 to player’s 2 spot


note: that game does not allow 2 parallel supers by both players

Ill try this out. thnx

mame wont start up with the artificial client

If it gives you the “unable to locate component” error or no error then you forgot to rename your existing kailleraclient.dll to kailleraclienx.dll . The artificial dll feeds on the original renamed to kailleraclienx.dll.

Thnx. It wasnt workin cause I had used the CM kailleraclient. Switched to having a normal one as the kailleraclienx.dll and it started up.