Advanced Jin ^_^ it can be done

Well to tell ya , been tryin a lil’ hard to get some good tacs with jin, and i’m not done , not just yet, but i wanted to start a forum to see if someone posts some tactics of their own, :slight_smile: jin really is a great char, and a welcome bud to any team. The pro team i’m workin on right now is : Jin , Cable, and Cyke, I won’t be done till next year, but until then here’s what i’ve come up with.

Jin cross up: No assists needed but lol they help

Down and kick, sweeping fire kick thingy:

Not the best intoduction i’ll say that much but lol that’s all you really need to cross up people, no fancy air dashes,
with jin you have to work with what you have.

Jin can’t just light kick , light punch and move like magy
but he can cancel anything out of his sweep, how is this revevant?

It’s basically what can ptntialli put jin in tha top fiters one day if someone implores this correctly:

Dynamite : (hold down and press up and punch) the easiest and most effective cross up

but wait, you can’t just sweep to the other side right…that’s not what the jin sweep is about, the jin cu is about forcing your opponent to jump, baiting them to, then sweeping, carrying him on to the other side, and pulling off a fast move to cross them up,
and hit,

Still dynamite isn’t his only move, he can cancel into the ultimate cyclone, but wait you can just guard easily right?

here’s the tricky part,

the blodia vulcan can cross people when they super jump, i suspect that you can do it on normal jump aswell so if you master the timing and sweep cancel into vulcan when dey are right above you , it’s great.

Then why cyclone?

Do you know jin keeps pressure rather well, his reach with round house in the air is amazing, you can just jump back and kick and they won’t reach you senti’s f pan can be a prob tho.
but besides that,
if you can pound them with downward jumping heavy punch, and if you hit jab launch, jab medium k, short k , jab and roundhouse, is nice and not the worst combo 2 master.

or if you are fast enough, launch into Ultimite SY-----kalone
pressure tactics and then just give them a “free hit” by crouching and thinking your going to sweep and J. Dynamite them , they’ll se you crouching or if you just want to suprise them, walk and sweep, when they jump and then cyclone or vulcan,

Now cable will come up alot, and our bud is the best guy for takin care of him, if he whiffs a viper beam, he can do it as ssist or even without assists,

if he has no assists and you can get the habit of sweeping and moving just enough and then canceling into his blow up,
if he’s a assist then you’ve got it in the bag if your within range.

Sadly combo freaks think jin sucks, but in the corner it’s easy to come up with stuff, most of dese tactics were thought up by the guy at game faq so don’t ask me.

I remember these 2,

the basic principles:

sweep or kick - Blodia punch, hit them on the ground again with your fiery moving duckin foot and - brodia…jab…

sweep, dynamite - cyclone

As for those who see your dynamite afta sweep, cancel into B - Punch, he says ther are frames which jin is incapable of being struck so use it.

that’s all for now.

se ya

Now this is only what i found out just recently, it’s prolly a bad idea to cancel into vulcan , since it takes so long, hurrican is better

Now a new tactic, is that when they are about to jump, tap the assist button, sweep and dynomite.

Advanced combo

In Corner:,, c.lp, c.lp,,,, s.hp xx (hp) tornado, (after 2nd hit) Blodia Punch, OTG w/, s.hp xx Blodia Punch

In Corner:,, c.lp, c.lp,,,, s.hp xx (hp) tornado, (after 2nd hit), Saotome Tornado, OTG w/Saotome Dynamite xx Saotome Tornado

wth?! He’s playable!

Jin is VERY playable. [Hits A2 button]:lol:


Random thoughts…
-Put him [Jin-b] in slot 3. That’s his only use until you amass a monster lead.
-Do whatever it takes to be the second person to hit the assist button in ALL exchanges [exceptions are rare] so that your opponent can’t call assists at all.
-Use his assist to amass an insurmountable lead by using pointmen like Cyclops [yes cyc and backed by Storm or Sent], Sentinel, Magneto [you can’t use assists to keep him off unless Jin’s been called already and if Jin-b hits the pointman it just gets closer to a corner]

Other thoughts…
-When he finally comes on point, the match is already over almost no matter what.
-a If you lead by a large amount [you should if you know how to use Jin-b assist properly] your opponent probably has too big a defecit to overcome. [Jin’s better at defending a lead than obtaining one…]
-b If you are behind, you might get your lead back IF the opponent is asleep at the wheel but this is unlikely.
-Bloodia punching an assist while the pointman is pinned results in the last hit becoming a guardbreaking unblockable hit.
-That’s all I remember right now.

Yeah, the biggest asset Jin adds to your team is his AAA.

If you want to play Jin on point, give him a good cover assist (Sent GRND, Doom AA, or Storm PROJ). He’ll die for sure without it. A good combo extender such as Tron PROJ or Spiral GRND is also highly advisable, or for mind games maybe try Rogue or Tron THRW.

Most important non-assist-aided Jin comboes are, s.sp XX Saotome Cyclone,, jp Jin Typhoon XX Blodia Punch.

Also, Jin has an unblockable Blodia Punch thing. If your opponent is just coming down from a normal jump and one of his assists is on screen, the final hit of Blodia Punch will be unblockable.

Also, never let Rogue Power Drain you when Jin has Saotome Shine active. She becomes a super-crackhead afterwards and you’re dead for sure.

This all doesen’t mean advanced Jin point-play isn’t important, once you have the lead if you know how to use Jin [or even if you’re behind alittle], you have better odds at sealing the deal if you can actually use the character.

Here’s a team I like using…

Cyc, Storm-a, Jin-b. That order.
-Cyc builds meter and DHC combos in Storm
-Storm rushes or runs away
-This kind of thing hurts the assist schemes of alot of otherwise viable teams. You can really hammer someone’s assist with this team [Bloodia punches, hailstorms, Jin or Cyc counterassist and move, etc…]

There’s more, but I’ll shut-up for now…

When you bloodia punch, As long as you hit the opponent’s assist first, even if they’re STANDING, the last hit will be unblockable; they DON’T need to be in the air. This is called a flying Screen Guardbreak. It’s similar to the Magnetic Shockwave glitch [shockwave their assist while the opponent is trying to block, and flying screen engages disengaging his block command making him eat the super].

Wow thanx for sum of thes tips guys. You helped my Jin game alot. I hope to do alot better next time I play at Camelot Golflands!

i tried but on the comp he could block, do i hit with the fist? or with blodia?

I believe it’s the mech fist that needs to hit first, BUT I think I remember the Jin hp part hitting and it still working. Someone could probably figure it out using a Dreamcast. All they’d need to do is pin stick 2 in the db position, call Dan or Commando on controller 2, and then bloodia punch it with Jin on controller 1. Perhaps someone can do it besides me [I don’t feel like running the experiment right now]

What I do know is…
1]The mech punch must make contact with the assist first. NOT THE POINTMAN. Usually if the pointman blocks the punch first it won’t work.
2]The pointman must block the rest of it. [otherwise it whiffs and you have to DHC or run the risk of dying]

If the screen shivers alittle when you hit the assist, it will GB if the pointman blocks. If not, it won’t. I was able to get it to work vs the computer and on the player as well.

-Note that it’s easier to do if the person jumps. People like to call assists and jump. You just typhoon the assist, and Bloodia punch timed so the person must land on it.

-Another way to make sure it works is that if the player fires out the assist in an attempt to relieve pressure, you block it, and if safe, hk typhoon it pinning it against the pointman then bloodia punch. It WILL unblockable.

-With Storm-Jin-Cyc I did an AC with Storm on an assist, lightning Stormed, then BP and and it guardbroke the pointman [this was vs cpu but I did do it to a player once] Therefore DHC in Bloodia punch unblockable/GB are possible.

In short…
1]Typhoon their assist [hopefully onto them so they can’t move and guaranteeing the assist gets BP first]
2]BP the assist.
-That’s the easiest way, nuff said.

Anyone tried Jin with WM’s AAA ? Warmachine’s AAA is fast so that you can hit the opponent with a crouching lk lp or something like that and they’ll get caught in the repulsor blaster which means free saotome cyclone :evil: . Jin alpha/expansion assist sets up warmachine’s infinite beautifully.

Just my opinion though…

I’m glad I stumbled upon this; I’ve noticed this phenomenon with Hulk Gamma Crush at times, but didn’t really understand the engine-related reason for it well enough to have it occur for me consistently.

I’m thinking of doing a series of threads in Marvel General Strategy discussing topics such as these. I was gonna do this, using assist sprites for offensive positioning (tried that once already, got a lot of S/D related responses) and using autoface to its maximum potential to start off with. Nothing character specific, strictly engine-based stuff that everybody on the roster can use.

The only thing really holding me back is the relatively light traffic/activity in the folder, but I really think it would be just the thing that could truly help make low tier more viable for the masses (which is the goal for me personally).

Anything the top tier can do, the low tier can make use of in a more limited fashion, while anything the low can do, the top might be able to do as well. That’s one of the major reasons I’m trying to learn to guard cancel… it’s a defensive option, usable by all characters.

I have a question. There was a single time when I was playing a funky team (Felicia, Jin, x). I don’t remember the screen placement, but I called the Sand Splash xx Blodia Punch (before the character got pushed far), then as the last two hits of the Blodia Punch connected, I decided to DHC. Flying Screen didn’t happen, but what did happen was this: Jin started another Blodia Punch, and it comboed. Granted, it didn’t combo well (only the last two hits), but the sheer bizarreness of it was enough to make my day.

Anyone know how that works, or had that happen? I haven’t had time or a DC to check it out with.

Tron Jon

Is there anything that combos off the dynamite?

Tron Jon

Captain Sword. No matter what side they are, no matter what angle they fly, if you can see when the initial hit occurs, activate the super immediately. It is doable on reaction every time [though difficult].

That isn’t the purpose of the assist though. These are the purposes…

1]To force the opponent into playing MvC1 style.
-He can’t call an assist at all [except maybe 1 in the whole game] for fear of a countercall [Neither can you BTW]. Kiss almost all assist schemes that don’t involve Doom-b goodbye.
2]To Force him to wait till Jin is called before doing anything. [Mags or Storm would love this]
-Jin-b comes out fast. I’ve seen Cables jump back against my Hulk and throw VB. I just Called Jin-b then blocked sending his ass into the corner.

Hmmm, interesting. I thought this only hapenned during flying screen. Perhaps there are occasions where the Gamma crush causes flying screen instead of pseudo Flying screen.

Here’s a Hulk unmashable that involves Jin-b, the Capcom assist, and a corner. This isn’t practical or safe, it’s just fun.

Tag in Jin-b, dash, dlk, hp, tag in Hulk, Call Capcom, Gamma crush immediately.
Sometimes you die instantly, sometimes you don’t. It’s all about timing.

And if you tag in Jin and it hits, dash and go dlk, hp, and tag on contact. Too many characters tag ins will combo with this. The most dangerous of all is Tron-Bonne.

Since she can combo off her tag in to tag out creating a vicious cycle of constant tag in and outs with Jin-b.

Thought I would add something I saw the other day, his j.HK angled downward, when connected, can combo into lp into whatever. Don’t know if this is common knowledge or anything, don’ play Jin at all. Jus something I saw was cool!

ive actually been playing a lot of Mag/Jin-a

His exanpion *cyclone) assist works wonders for mag. Basically he is a great exchange for Psy-aaa

i have options to cross up…hyper grab…launch…snapback…or just pop-up

ill be practicing more with this…and hopefully master.

Jin is SECKSEY!!!

i’m surprised nobody has posted this.

what i have learned.

jin’s cyclone can be combo’d into just about every launch.
Storm’s lightning storm combo and be cancelled into saotome cyclone (maybe blodia punch.)