Advanced Strider Tactics Vol 1: Corner Game

I’m feeling pretty productive right now, so imma post some Strider stuff. It’s gonna be long, so bear with me…

As with most of the top tier, Strider can seriously wreck teams if he gets them in the corner. Some good stuff to know…

The best way to start a corner game with Strider is using Ouroboros, landing a hit, and then launch into an air combo that forces your opponent into the corner. As far as air combos go, there are several options you have…

Regular Air Combo - If you launch them in or close to the corner, you should be able to sj jab short strong fwd fierce rh without adjusting any timing for the fierce >> rh to connect (as you would in the corner). Not only does this give you added damage, but it gives you better footing on their wakeup since you’ll be standing right next to them while they’re still getting up, longer than if you just ended with fierce.

otg short - After launching them in the corner, do the regular jab short strong fwd fierce rh chain, then otg with a stand short. Your timing should be adjusted so that you land immediately after the rh so that you can stand short your opponent off the ground. I don’t really use this, so you can mess with it and see if you like it. The one I use the most though is…

OTG RH - It’s the same launch sj jab short strong fwd fierce rh chain in the corner, except this time, your timing is adjusted so that you send them to the ground with fierce, and then otg them with rh. Since the timing depends on how early or late you start the aircombo after the launch, practice it and see what you’re comfortable with. You can also do this within a double jump combo, but it really isn’t necessary, and the timing gets alot more strict. Like any post fly screen corner combos, you can’t sj or do any special attacks or supers, but there’s still a ton of options for Strider including (all the following sequences come AFTER the otg rh):

normal jump short strong fwd fierce rh, rejump airthrow - hella risky (since you can be hit/thrown after the rh) but good if you wanna be a fancy pants

normal jump short strong fwd fierce rh, rejump short fwd + doom - similar to the first, cept this time they’ll block your short fwd + Doom, leading to more Ouroboros. Again, this one is risky cause your opponent can attack the instant your rh hits.

normal jump short strong fwd fierce rh, stand jab strong + doom - much safer than the 2 listed above as long as you time the rejump chain correctly so that the stand jab comes IMMEDIATELY after the j rh. This is good to lead into another Ouroboros as well.

stand jab strong launch, relaunch + Doom - not really a tricky reset, but you’ll prolly catch alot of people with this. If you know your opponent is going to come down from the first launch attacking, your second launch will probably beat whatever button they’re mashing, which leads into another air combo. If they don’t do anything, the +Doom will keep them blocking.

stand jab strong launch, airthrow + Doom - good damage, and keeps them in the corner. However, it IS an airthrow, so at that point you are just as vulnerable as they are. Do NOT attempt this on Magneto- it’s possible for him to throw you in the corner and kill Strider along with the rest of your team.

stand jab strong launch, dash under - dashing under your opponent after launching will cause you to switch sides. It’s unexpected since they’re in the corner and it doesn’t seem like you can dash under them, but you can. After dashing under, you can c short c rh xx cat xx Ragnarok, c short launch, or c short + Doom, c strong c fwd xx cat xx Ouroboros or whatever.

stand jab strong launch, jump jab strong fierce+Doom, rh - they’ll block the airchain, land on Doom, and you can Ouroboros again. If for whatever reason they get hit with your air chain, rejump fierce rh to knock them back into Doom, then superjump for another air combo.

(note: in the stand jab strong launch sequence, you can use jab, launch instead if you’re having problems with the strong connecting)

Another thing you can do after the otg rh (which I don’t really recommend) is stand jab (your opponent recovers), then reset with a throw-into-assist combo (I did this a couple times in the last SHGL tournament videos if you’ve seen them). If you’re using Sentinel, then you can stand jab, pause, then rh throw into drones, relaunch. This one is really risky, so don’t attempt it if you know your opponent is gonna try to kick you out of it during the bounce.

If all the otg rh stuff is too difficult/complicated/risky for you, that’s ok. Just stick with the regular launch sj jab short strong fwd fierce rh combo. The advantage you get from that combo is enough for you to kill the the rest of their team as long as you know how to keep them there safely. Which leads us to…


Avoiding Assist - Just like how you can call assist while you’re recovering from a roll (ex: I get knocked down and roll, right into a Proton Cannon. Even though the Proton Cannon puts me in total blockstun as I recover, I’m still able to call an assist while I’m getting up), your opponent can call their assist as soon as they get up from your air combo in the corner (though the timing is somewhat tight). Therefore, assuming your opponent times the assist call correctly, an anti-air assist can hit you even if you c jab your opponent the very instant they get up. There are several ways to avoid this:

delay your assist call - specifically with Doom. When your opponent is in that position, there is a 99% chance they’re gonna call their assist ASAP (they’ll usually be drilling the assist button). In that case, just call your assist a half second late. That way, the initial invincible strike of your opponent’s AA (Psylocke, Cyclops) will have passed by the time Doom comes out, effectively pinning down your opponent and, in most cases, keeping the assist in there for you to punish. Ways to apply this including calling Doom a half second late and blocking the AA, or jumping straight up or forward (and blocking) while calling Doom a split second late. This also works good with your own AA, like Commando.

wall jump - If your opponent has an anti air that travels forward (especially Cyclops or Cammy), it’s possible to make that assist go the wrong way by jumping over your opponent as they recover, and then jumping off the wall. If your opponent is mashing their assist (and they usually will be at this point), the anti air will go the wrong direction. A good way to apply this is to call Doom, then jump over your opponent and off the wall. The assist will go the wrong way (possibly hitting you once for minimal damage… I haven’t tried this against Cammy AA or Ken AA to be honest), protecting your Doom and pinning down your opponent. This should lead to another Ouroboros. For anti airs that hit at a straight-up angle (Psylocke, Jin), however, this tactic isn’t as useful since they don’t really move forward in the first place.

Guard Cancel - Uh yeah, it’s a shame that most people associate guard canceling with jumping out of HSF or Spiral traps, since those applications are fairly impractical compared to guard canceling’s real use: to interrupt your opponent’s attacks with your own. Guard canceling is very useful to Strider’s corner game.

For example, let’s say you just did an air combo to Cable in the corner and he’s getting up. As soon as he gets up, he’s gonna call his Cyclops assist. If you block that, he’s gonna continue the blockstun by doing something like dashing in with c short, c fwd, st rh… right? Well, what Strider can do to counter this is sit and wait for Cyclops to come out, pushblock the first hit of it, and then c jab strong + Doom (or any other assist you might have) the instant he comes out of the pushblock. This will effectively interrupt Cable’s attacks AND keep Cyclops in for punishing. There are certain instances you really wanna avoid doing this though:

VS Magneto - If Mag knows you’re gonna sit and wait for his assist, he can just get up and rh throw you into the corner, which will cost you the entire game.

VS Storm - Guard Canceling her assist will be futile if instead of dashing in to continue attacking, she flies away. While Cable can call his assist and jump away too, it won’t matter much since his air mobility is limited and you’ll still be in control.

Dealing with Cable/Commando (wake up Psimitar) - Since Commando assist loses to Doom assist, you can just do c jab strong + Doom when Cable is getting up without much worry. However, a couple crafty Cable players will try to Psimitar on wakeup, which will possibly cause you + Doom to go flying into the sky, giving Cable a chance to escape and even punish Doom when he’s coming down. Good ways to deal with this include guard canceling (or just blocking the Psimitar), or doing j short overhead + Doom. I don’t believe Psimitar will beat Strider’s j short (since the Psimitar’s invincibility is toward the bottom of Cable), so you should be ok doing this (if not please post). And if he decides to block low, the j short will act as an overhead (as long as you time it right) and keep him in place.

Dealing with Alpha Counters - a quick way to reverse the situation on Strider is to counter to Psylocke xx butterflies xx hail or shockwave, or counter to Cyclops xx SOB xx hail, all of which will FUCKING KILL YOU. Therefore, you needa take some countermeasures to this anti-Strider crap:

Call Doom and block - If they decide to alpha counter while blocking Doom, Strider won’t get hit with whatever they’re countering with. So, if they counter with, say, Cyclops for example, you’ll be able to hit him out of the SOB if he decides to go for it. Or, if they counter to Psylocke, you can block her crap and punish her. If they decide to DHC to Shockwave, pushblock to maintain your position vs the shockwave, or superjump out if they try to DHC to tempest. If she DHC’s to hail, you can hit Storm out of it (if Doom is low on health).

Call Doom and jump over - For counters that travel forward (Cyclops and especially Cable), a good tactic is to call Doom and jump forward. Depending on the timing of their counter, the situation will change. If they counter to Cable, the Psimitar will still travel forward and hit Doom, but the AHVB will go towards Strider (which you should be able to block), protecting Doom. If the Psimitar goes towards Strider, Doom’s rocks will prolly hit him whether he tries to AHVB or not. The same goes for Cyclops, cept without AHVB to worry about…

Keeping them in the corner without meter - this is very important in those situations where you don’t have sufficient meter (yet). Stuff you can do:

Delay j fierce rh - this works especially good if your opponent lands from an air combo in, or (more importantly) close to the corner without you being right next to them (the fly screen dash in). At this point, most players will try to jump out immediately. So what you can do is call your assist, then do a jump fierce to keep them in place. Since your jump fierce came into contact with them (meaning it didn’t whiff), you can wait as long as you want to do the rh after. If you time the rh correctly, it’ll interrupt whatever they try to do after blocking the fierce. Not only does this keep them in place, but often times youl’ll get a hit since after the jump fierce they think your attack is over, and the rh catches them by suprise. It is important to call your assist early while you’re still dashing/jumping in (preferably Doom or Sentinel) so that in case you get hit with an anti air such as Psylocke or Cyclops, the rocks/drones will prevent your opponent from starting a combo, and it helps to pin them and keep their assist in for you to punish. Hopefully by this time you’d have built at least 1 bar for Ouroboros. This works especially good on Doom, Blackheart, and Sentinel because of their size.

pin with Doom (specifically vs Sentinel) - If you manage to get Sentinel in the corner, a good way to keep him there is to implement Strider’s infinite string (j short fwd fierce rh) into your attack pattern to keep Sentinel in the corner until you can Ouroboros. An attack pattern can look something like:

dash in, jab + doom short fwd, then first set of rocks are blocked, dash in jab strong fwd, then second set of rocks are blocked, j short fwd fierce rh, land, jab+Doom, short+Doom, strong+Doom, fwd+Doom, fierce+Doom, rh+Doom. What I mean by +Doom for each of those ground attacks is, around that time you should be able to call Doom again. So, to make sure he comes out ASAP, you should hit Doom assist with each button you press on that part of the attack sequence. Within the whole sequence, try to maxamize the blockstun by delaying your hits so that you give Doom time to get off the screen while still not letting Sentinel call assist (complete blockstun). This is especially important when timing your j fierce and rh since they create the longest stun of all the attacks. Also, you might wanna mix some double jumps in there instead of normal jumps to increase your height. While normal jumps should be able to avoid forward moving AA’s such as Cyke or Cable, doing a double jump will avoid them almost guaranteed. Hopefully all this crap will eventually get you some meter. In addition, if anytime Sentinel tries to pushblock you, stop whatever you’re doing and teleport on reaction to the pushblock noise (pkkh!!). Pushblocking will only make it worse for him.

On smaller characters, keeping them in blockstun is fairly harder since you can’t do the j short fwd fierce rh thing on them. So instead, try to land a hit by doing a ground chain + Doom, then teleport the instant Doom is done chipping so that you can possibly land a hit into launch by using either teleport short fwd or teleport whiff jab, land and low short.

New characters coming in - When you start killing people with all this stuff, you can concentrate what to do to the rest of their team when they come in. This includes:

Bird guard break - time the bird so that it’s blocked when they’re off the screen, then when their guard breaks, juggle with st jab strong launch, or jump jab+Doom, strong, fierce rh (into rocks), then superjump air combo or bird xx Ouroboros.

Dash under - universal tricky tactic with all characters, Strider is no exception. Good stuff to do after dashing under include c short c rh + Doom (they’ll roll right into the corner+rocks), or c short c rh xx cat xx Ragnarok (one of the few times Rag is actually practical since it does good damage and you can trap your opponent afterwards whether they roll or not).

Trap - if you want guaranteed damage, you can either j fierce rh + Doom then Ouroboros, or throw a bird (or even 2), then j fierce rh + Doom into Ouroboros.

Yea. That’s it for now. You guys can add anything I missed.


Good stuff clock. It’s hella late now, so while i don’t have much time to read all that, i might post more later when i finish it.

But I think i’ll add one of my corner resets. After the RH OTG:

jump lk, j mk, j hp, j hk, land:

Here’s where you start making bets. In most cases, if you land all four of those hits, you end up crossing your opponent up and Strider ends up in the corner. From there, you can

  • combo some hits into a relaunch into another combo
  • c lk, c mk, c rk followed with CatXXragnorok
  • or just slash away, drop doom, and continue the trap. The trap is really easy to repeat if strider’s back is to the corner because: 1. They can’t pushblock
  1. Orbs leave the screen very quickly

Problems with this reset. Down here in Irvine, after i had hit everyone with this combo the first 2 or 3 times, they already caught on to it. If your opponent is mashing an attack button while you’re juggling them with the 4 jumping attacks after the roundhouse OTG, they will hit you once you land, giving them a free combo. So nowadays, i’ll usually mix it up with either a relaunch, or i’ll just tag a standing lk after the otg, jump, then call doom. Trap continues.

omg…will you please please please actually write a comprehensive{or a small but complete : ) } strider guide?

I think if you put out more knowledge like this, more scrubs like me will pick him up.

u know… u could prolly write a book on this stuff n publish it… i’d buy one… =P

good stuff


…I know your prolly wondering “Why?”…

To add something real to this thread, I was messin around in practice mode with the OTG rh combos. Jab, strong, forward, fierce, OTG RoundHouse was difficult for me to time so i figured out a couple others.

-Magic series, Fp, Otg RH…with slight timing adjustment, works.

-Short, Strong, Forward, Jab, Fierce, OTG RH. THis one is tricky but i used to use it alot. THe hardest part is getting the fierce to connect after the jab. If it does then Strider falls with perfect timing to land the OTG RH

-Short, Short, Forward, Fierce, OTG Rh. Easiest but as far as i know, does the least damage of any otg rh air combos. And by putting a slight delay after forward you can do fierce, rh, then (land) otg cr. lk.

Something that i’ve been trying to master, but is pretty hard, is doing otg lk (while falling, after fierce), instead of rh. I wanna find out if there are any different possibilities if it connects, but i never get to test anything cuz i connect it so rarely.

Clock, the stuff you posted on alpha counters gave me some ideas…good stuff

ok, i’m not good with stri/doom, so bear in mind here…

so when the match starts up, and let’s say i happen to be able to launch the guy right off, am i able to do an AC ending with fp, fk, and then OTG with what you guys are saying?

the otg is corner only

well is there any charc. that can mix with strider’s trap game besides dr.doom is there any one that can make strider’s tape beside’s using dr.doom and cable… with it… its there anybody else that can do trap’s

Ok so i was all about T4, and it got so reppetitive that when i got introduced to MvC2’s fast paced environment, well now i’m pretty into it 2 say the least.

I’ve always wanted to play a good stri/doom trap but never understood it. well i’ve had the game at home and have practiced hecka…

i don’t know the terms of it all but…

to go into ur drones the safest way to go is having doom out and throw the bird, buffered into the drones, then teleport?

i still don’t see what to do against pushblock, if i wasn’t pushblocked i’d be great but what do u do in this scenario?
if they pushblock, doesn’t that give them an opportunity to sj?

i’m super scrubbish right now, but willing to put the effort


When they pushblock, teleport. When u learn to do it with fast reflexes they wont be able to superjump. Or when they pushblock you can keep jumping towards them and throw rings to keep them on the ground BUT there’s usually holes in the trap if you do this, so they’ll likely be able to call a AAA.

i find myself teleporting rather than dashing, is this a good idea, b/c if i teleport with lets say hp, can i block in the air, and if i attack, can i block afterwards?

basically the difference between sj and j, sj u can attack and block, regular jump u can’t, when u teleport, is it considered sj or j while in the air?

i just have some random questions about the strider/doom trap…

-what are some of the common block chains to buffer into the ouroborus?

-at what point should i call doom/teleport?

basically i just need a refresher in the basics of the trap, since i haven’t done it in so long after i’ve gotten into cvs2 so much.

when u teleport ur in regular jump while ur in the air, so after you attack you can’t block. And I think its better to teleport than to block because it gets you back on them faster. If you just try to dash up, after they pushblock, they can escape.

Popoblo: So much stuff goes on in the matches I couldn’t tell you what I do before orbs…just activate off of instinct or something. When you see that they’re blocking, throw an animal then orbs. When you see that they’re about to block (some rocks, an animal, etc) you can usually go straight into orbs. Things get tricky with AAA’s. You can call doom(doom’s first set of rocks will hit them), then do jab, strong, fierce, rh, dog xx orbs. Don’t do the jab till the first wave of rocks hits, and put mean delays after the strong and the fierce. If ur time it right they can’t call for an assist. If you mess up a little you’ll be have orbs orbs and be able to block or teleport before assist hits you. This is how i used to try and end every round of the trap…hard to always be in position to make everything work when they’re pushblocking like a madman, but when it works…it WORKS and gives good chip damage from all the rocks. Call doom just before orbs run out…when they got 1/5 time left or so.

LordRican: I like your avatar, especially that strider color…is gray strider available in the arcades?

about my av…

i got hella lucky, it came out tighter than what i originally made it out to be just because of color formatting…

see i saved some jpg’s i got from
from this site i also looked for doom and got his…
well i got it with the blue outfit and doom with the green, after editing it up in paint, i copied and pasted it onto another paint window, this changed the colors on it to what they look like now, that’s tight, i usually pick striders dark gray/black outfit and dooms blue, so it works out.

what about starting the round, this is a very scary time for me if i start strider vs mags or storm. one mistake and you can lose right off the bat, what is the best way to start matches i know you told me this along ass time ago but i forgot :evil:

i’m no expert whatsoever, but most teams start off with magnus or storm, and i usually play sent/strider/doom. so just start off sent as a natural counter to rushdown. then most characters have either storm,cable, or sent as their second character, then just dhc sometime or tag in after you kill their first character.

that’s just my idea though.

Yeah same here. I don’t know what to do if I have Strider/Doom/Capcom going up against a Magneto to start off the round. Do I put Doom first and save Strider for later or do I do my best with strider and try to get mags off me.