Advanced Tactics


I am new to SF…
I want help to improve my game. I am wondering what are the “advanced tactics and terms”, i have been reading around the forums and i dont understand many things like turtleing and cancels and stuff like that. what other ‘advanced’ things are there… i also want to know if you guys play on arcades or home systems, arcade sticks or normal controllers, default button settings or what do you change them to? Thanks to everyone who helps!


Playing defensively, attacking only when you know you’re safe.

Canceling a move with another move (ie: performing the motion for a move before the animation for the previous move is over). With Ryu, if you do c.MK and perform qcf+P before the animation for the c.MK ends you’ll cancel the c.MK into a Hadoken.

There’s a lot of other advanced stuff. Check this thread:

Console. I live in a small ass town in the middle of nowhere and there are no arcades in here. Besides, it’s much more confortable playing at home in my couch than in some random crowded smelly arcade.

Arcade stick. Much more precise than any pad IMO.

Yes. I don’t see any need to change them in this game.


[quote=“FSgamer, post:2, topic:19277”]

Canceling a move with another move (ie: performing the motion for a move before the animation for the previous move is over). With Ryu, if you do c.MK and perform qcf+P before the animation for the c.MK ends you’ll cancel the c.MK into a Hadoken.


so what would be the point of canceling then? combos?


Comboing; fanciness…and above all, extra damage.


Combos, more damage, hit confirm, pressure strings, etc.


Find comp, be it at the arcade, local meetups or even playing online. Learn other peoples strategies and tactics and work that stuff into your own game. Don’t devote yourself to any single character at this stage, sample all the characters untill you find one you like.

When you lose don’t hit yourself, it hurts. Try to figure out why you lost. Was it because someone was doing the same trick over and over again against you? Was you stuck in the corner? Did you jump too much?

You have to remember its gonna take a while before you start getting good (compared to other people anyway). Many people you will play will most likely have been playing ST and other SF2 games since they were first released all those years ago.


thanks everyone…
now my question is what is a good arcade stick that i should buy, it doesnt matter what it cost… i have PS2


Modded SFAC stick, MAS, HRAP, custom, etc. Just a matter of preference on which one to buy.


Those ones are ok with you want to go with an american style stick, but your much better off going with a jap style stick. Any stick with the word Hori in the title is normally really good. If money is really no object, custom made stick with Sanwa parts is about as good as they come.


what are: cross-ups, tick, tick throws, and meaty?


Cross up = attack that crosses over them to hit them from behind.

Example: Knock them down with Dee Jay, and then jump over them and press mk as they’re getting up. The kick hits them in the back, and they have to block it the other way.

Tick/Tick-Throw = Using an attack to stop them immediately before a throw.

Example: crouching lk -> throw

Tick throws are escapable, but it’s pretty hard to do. You need to either throw them first (unreliable), or do a reversal special (changes by character).

Meaty = Hitting with an attack as an enemy is getting up after a knockdown (during “Wakeup”). Many attacks stay out on the screen and hit for a while. By doing the attack “meaty” (as they’re getting up), you can hit with the end part of the attack instead of the beginning part. This lets you recover quicker, and frequently lets you follow up with an inescapable combo.

Example: Knock down with Ryu, then do meaty, xx fireball (3 hit combo).

Doing meaty attacks as they’re getting up has the added benefit of making it very hard for them to do anything but block.


what is usually played turbo 2 or turbo 3?


Turbo 2 for America/Europe and rest of world i think, and Turbo 3 for Japan are the standards but also varies on tournament or what people want to play. There are actually the same speed though, Turbo 3 in Japan is Turbo 2 for everyone else. Just in Japan the speed starts at and goes up to 4, while in America it would start at 0 and go up to 3. Easiest way to remember the correct speed is the second fastest option avaliable.


what should i buy and what is the differences?
hori real arcade pro stick or hori real arcade pro stick v2
is it worth it to spend more money on the v2 what is the difference?


As far as i know the only difference is the layout of the buttons

Which one you should get is entirely up to you, but HRAP1 layout is more common.


I own the HRAP1 stick.
I love it.

J Cole (coolest guy with an afro EVER!) owns the HRAP1 Stick.
Last time I hung out with him he loved it.

He convinced me to buy mine.

Also, IRC you can see on the the back ground @ Valle house in his video. (see fight game forum)

I can’st say if he likes his or not. I only meet the guy once years ago and Mark Acero’s (Flip Meign) house.

So HRAP1 is purchased through out the SF community. I have never seen anyone buy the HRAP2 stick. I am sure it is a great product. I have just never seen any one buy it.

Thats my 2 cents:wgrin:


Are you sure? Ive been trying to figure out which speeds to play on kaillera(and in general) with both the “world” and “japan” versions… and while I know you know your shit, the evidence seems to suggest the opposite… namely that ive seen video of daigo playing on a japanese version and before the round it said “turbo 2.” and at the same time on kaillera, everyone seems to play turbo 3 as the standard on the World version. it’s so confusing because Ive seen different people say different things. So on ssf2xj(jap version) turbo 3, but on world turbo 2? I thought it was the other way around <shrug> And ive been playing turbo 3 on world for weeks now lol guess i need to slow down :slight_smile:


Actually in Japan tournaments the speed isn’t standard, but usually it’s Turbo 3, the second fastest setting. Sometimes they’ll play on Turbo2 or Turbo4, for instance. Also, note that if you use the “Select Speed” dipswitch, it ranges from Turbo2 through Turbo4 on Jap version [1 = Turbo2, 2 = Turbo3, 3 = Turbo4].


Right, and on World it has up to 3. And on kaillera turbo 3 for world seems to be the standard and thats what ive been playing. I can switch to 2 no problem if thats the us tourney standard, but I was told by a few people that 3 was the World version standard. <scratches head in confusion>


what is the best way to mash out of throws?

they seem to hit alot more when i try to counter mash