Advanced Tactics?

What are some advanced tactics with ChunLi?

instead of spamming b+fierces all day and whatnot what are some advanced techniques.

lately I’ve been playing around with parried jumpins. For example a parried through a jab then dash to the other side and rhXsuper.

watching the only ChunLi video I can find of Ozeking -vs- ZON I’ve been experimenting with different followups after SA2.
[]sj, fierce punch, dash under, followup
]sj, jab, dash under, followup
[*]sj, fierce[onehit], EXbirdkick

Also been trying to kinda mimick Ozeking’s but in a different way. sj, headstomp, d+fp, c.jab, dash under, followup or just sj, headstomp, jab, dash under followup. I can’t seem to get either one to work after a connected sa2 though.