Advancing Guard Frame Data and other stuff


The Bradygames guide explain that

Those information are useful but i just figure out some of them are wrong :confused:

This one-third thing is not true. The push can happen one frame after you enter in guardstun. There is no time frame. The only thing i notice is that the push happen after the hitstop/hitfreeze/hitpause

An exemple, you block a stand m : first active frame hit you > 5 frames of hitstop > advancing guard happen

Since the push happen 1 frame after you enter in guardstun, this “more than 35 frames” doesn’t make sense. Why 35 frames ?
At best using advancing put you in 22 frames of guardstun (1+21)
Of course most of the moves in the games put you in at best in 21 frames.
For example stand H of wolverine
But some move like sentinel launcher put you in 25 frames of blockstun (according to the guide)
So in theory, if you push block sentinel as soon as possible, you leave him at -11 instead of -8. Of course the push doesn’t help but it useful to know that

  • When you pushblock in the air, your character doesn’t move, only your opponent is pushed away.

  • When you pushblock in the air you are stuck at the same height until your guardstun is over. That means you don’t fall like if you were in a normal guardstun. That also means you see when your guardstun is finish (when you start moving)

  • If you start a pushblock and you manage to get hit, you are put in normal guardstun again and this **cancel your push effect **(so you have to pushblock again). In other word, fast multi hit move can nullify advancing guard if you are not aware of that.

Sorry man, your threads are too technical and intelligent for SRK forums. Instead, try posting about character colors, online lag, or Wesker.

Yeah, actually understanding the mechanics of this game is too much for people these days.

This guy needs to post more.

So that explain why you can’t push wolverine away when he is Hyper berseking slashing you.
Then you can’t reduce the chip damage on those hyper combos.
Is it True?

Lol Mariodood ^^

@ElMouchoLoco, i remember have read somewhere (perhaps in the previous bradygames for vanilla mvc3) that you are not affect by chip damage when you are in pushblock state. It was something like this : “the next hit after your pushblock will do zero chip damage”. I’m a little buzy those days but my next search will be about that i think.
How its affect hyper combo fast multi hit chip damage, etc

I have also to figure out how chip damage works when you block hyper combo from Dark Phoenix X Factor level 3. Is it possible to cross counter (alpha counter) before you die since she do 10 hit (if you are in guardstun already) ?