Advancing Guard, missed opportunity?

I was in the lab doing some tests and it seems you can use advancing guard on supers and on projectiles, but unless I am missing something there are no benefits.

Seems like a missed opportunity to make the game more competition oriented. Advancing guard could of built super or negate chip damage in a high risk / high benefit scenario. Just like third strike it could of really made a difference in play style.

As it is, it is great for pushing back attacks, but it could of been much more and it could also made being chipped to death not a valid strategy at high level…

Well the game is a console game, I expect it will be patched eventually.

Advancing guard should have been left out of the game in my opinion, right now it feels like it’s just there for the sake of being there.

It pushes people away. It reduces block stun. It does reduce chip damage. It can be punished.

Tested against some projectile supers like Ice Storm and if it reduces chip damage it is by 1%, hardly see a difference. Would of been nice if it was an answer to x factor + 5 times ice storm. Talk about lame!

Is that 1% an empirical stat or are you pulling it out of thin air?

Also, if somebody has 5 bars and x-factor for Storm then you can’t fall back on advance blocking to save you. It’s not advertised to be a miracle.

What do you mean it can be punished? How?

If a Storm has 5 bars and X-Factor, it’s on you for letting it happen. You really hate it so much, snap that bitch in, and take care of her then.

You can’t really punish it in the usual sense, since pushblocking leaves you in a blocking state for the entire duration (that being why you can pushblock inside beams)

What kalyx might’ve meant is that you can bait it out. Attempting to pushblock when there is nothing to block usually gets you a Fierce or a backdash, both of which can be punished when anticipated. I believe the srk guide covers this.

Pushblock is fine where it’s at. It is powerful in the hands of characters with faster moves, and at the same time also a boon to slower keepaway characters.

AG seems to reduce chip by about 20-25% from what I could tell. I tested it a while back with damage set to max, Ryu w/ lv3 XF firing a Shinku Hadouken at a blocking Phoenix. Without AG, she lost about 80% of her health from chip. While mashing out AG with a turbo function on, she lost about 60-65%.

It’s not much, but it’s there.

You don’t get good grades do you?

That aside people use advance guard on projectiles because it increases the advance block rate in statistics. But mostly just for kicks and looks. I’m ok with chip damage, fucken bastards out there will just wait in the corner using advance guard if it removed damage. Now if the game was like another game I like a lot I wouldn’t mind if things were more tactical. It does build a bit of super though, or I think that also works on regular guard.

Save your X Factor and counter activate to resist the chip.

No one should be allowed to complain about any game until they put 100 hours of losing matches into Alpha 3.

So do you just let characters like Zero and Akuma keep you in a corner loop??? This is such a bad post, advanced guard is your only option sometimes. Shit, I can even connect naked hypers immediately after it sometimes. Mess around with it bro it definitely isn’t useless.

Zero would be hands DOWN the best character in the game if there wasn’t Advancing Guard. He could get a lead and keep you in permanent corner lockdown.

Having a greater variety of successful playstyles is a good thing. Also this thread is dumb.

I just do it cuz it looks nice


A MILLION times YES!!! Versus games have always been rather cheap when it comes to chip damage. It’s about time a system is put in where if you AG it eats up your super meter, but keeps you safe from all that nonsense because ALOT of people wanna win as easy as possible. it’s lame when there’s no REAL strategy for chipping tactics. some moves take up the entire screen.

I see Advancing Guard the same way I see BlazBlue’s barrier. Sure it pushes people away, but you don’t want that everytime.

Suppose someone does something VERY punishable near you and you push them away. It’s a missed opportunity that could make you lose the match.


And this.

I thought advancing guard built meter?

I’d prefer it to reduce Chip by at least a little bit, it won’t nullify Chip like XFC, but make it something more than a GTFO move. And it doesn’t work on Assists at all, so it doesn’t have a lot of use.