Advantage vs. Guile?



I’ve been wondering this for a while now. The tier list has Dhalsim as having a huge advantage vs Guile. But I do not see how, maybe someone could enlighten me a little. Against good Guiles it feels like a 50-50 matchup at best, not nearly as favorable as a Honda or even Ryu matchup.


Well you can see him as an “easier Ryu”. But its a very very long match, you need 3x as much patience as you need in the Ryu Match. But you will always win the fireball wars. You will eat a EX Boon here and there but you’ll always have the advantage.
Always AA him and s.HP him when he boons, but the time is more clutch than against Ryu’s Hadouken for instance.
I use U2 in this match because it really limit Guile’s options, as one of the few things he can do against the firebal wars is jump forward above a Yoga Fire, and that’s when you IA U2.


in this match up , you just need to fireball
he cant do anything , if he jumps AA him,
what i do is throw a fireball then slide under with the fireball to push him into the corner
but becareful of his U2 , dont throw fireballs when you are near him

its much easier than Ryu match up


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