Advantages of 8 buttons?

I almost always play Guile on HDR and my old stick had 6 buttons. I was very pleased with it. Now I’m making myself another stick, and I can’t decide if I should go with a 6 or 8 buttons design. I’m somewhat pressed to find a use for th extra 2 buttons. Maybe the extra punch button could help me with throw reversals and the extra kick could help with fk reversals? Not sure if 4 buttons will help that much with a reversal…

SF games only need 6 buttons so only have more if you want to use the stick for other games too.

All about preference and which game. I find the :3p: and :3k: buttons redundant in SF, its much easy to press all three punches or all three kicks at the same time then move your hand to get to the, far right buttons.

I like having 8 buttons because you never know what other games might need them and it makes the stick look more intimidating.

The 3 in one buttons on the end work well for me because if you really need to hit all 3 kick or punch buttons at once you know it will work.

neo geo goodness of course!
I don’t like using the bottom buttons to subsitute the a or b button. I’d rather have the original arcade layout.

This. It’s also the reason that Vewlix layouts are so full of win. So:

Vewlix layouts have seven buttons
Vewlix layouts are badass
Thus, seven-button layouts are badass

Agreed! It’s super nice to be able to map the bottom 4 buttons for a true Neo-Geo layout.

With 8 buttons you can have a curved layout and a straight one on the same stick.

thats a non-factor in HDR. But then again, it could be for some other game I get into =)

This is it. You only ever need six for Capcom games, but four on top is good for SNK games.

Can you bind more than one key to do the same thing? I was thinking about turboing Lp on the furthest button.

I am wondering about this too. I am in the process of modding out my SE stick with the Sanwa JLF and OBSF buttons. Not sure if I should bother putting 7 and 8 back in…

I am not worried about other games atm, just looking for the easiest way to play this one :rofl:

like everyone else has said, 8 buttons are good for other games too. Nice to have the option.

Advantages? Pfft, it’s just more buttons for us to blame.

Well I know I will be playing other games with the stick too so I would go with the 8 buttons layout ;]

I don’t see any point in having any less than 16 buttons if you’re gonna make a custom stick yourself. I’d keep 4 columns, just do 4 rows instead of 2. Sure, almost every game uses 6 buttons, but why limit yourself?

Make a stick with like 16 buttons.

In SF4 you CAN bind more than one button to the same function (you could have every button do LK if you wanted). Also you can set one button for: Focus, Grab, 3P, or 3K or even NO FUNCTION. So those extra buttons can have some use.

I really think this is a silly question. You have your hardcore street fighter guys that will defend the 6 button format. You will have your practical guys defend the use of the extra buttons. I tend to agree with the practical guys. People you play against will be looking for a advantage. Even the slightest advantage is still valuable. I will not look down on a person who uses a 8 button layout. The 8 button sticks are out there. Use what ever layout you prefer.

In SF4 I like having the extra two buttons to press the 3 kicks or punches. Just seems easier to me then pressing all three simultaneously.