Advantages of being in the corner?

We all know that it is hard to be as effective as you can when you are in the corner, and it is a big advantage for the opponent, because they are limiting your offense (and even defense). But is there anything that someone stuck in the corner has that is a benefit? This can apply to any game (but I’m talking mostly about 2D fighters).

Don’t have to worry about ambiguous crossups I guess.

Big characters often are too tall to get crossed up in the corner, and Makoto in 3s just needs a Karakusa and a super to make her opponent very unhappy.

Edit: Q players sometimes back into the corner so they can kara-throw their opponents.

makoto is the only charcter i can think of that is a major threat if she gets cornered. the closer she is to a side of the screen, the deadlier she gets and its possible death if you make the small mistake of getting grabbed. makes you think twice on bein g the aggressor against her

Wakeup Abare Tosanami with Makoto.

The fortress of crouching Honda.

a Sent that has fast fly and anti air assist is TOO deadly.

I play Chun in ST, and I actually like being in the corner in a lot of matches. For example, against Claw, he can’t do ambiguous cross-up wall dives, and 99% of his ground moves lose cleanly to lightning legs, so it limits his options a lot. Against fireball characters, I can jump backwards over their fireballs (thus keeping my charge), where as if I did that outside of the corner, they could just walk forward, and I would land on the fireball.

However, it’s not always a good place to be. If Fei Long gets me in the corner, GGPO. [st.Fierce xx Chicken Wing] until death. Also, Honda, Gief, and Hawk straight rock Chun when she’s in the corner (but she rocks them anywhere else on screen).

But yeah…being in the corner can be useful sometimes.

Am I the only who likes being in the corner with guile?

No cause I like it too.

…but I like it alot more when I’m Guile and THEY are in the corner.

Urien has the advantage any time he’s even near a corner. Trying to corner him is a terrible idea since one reverse throw from him means you’re eating an aegis combo.

I agree. When I’m using Urien, I tend to back myself into/near the corner. I use st. HP, cr. MK, and st. MP to keep them away/frustrate them. When they DO get close enough to do anything, SPARTAN BOMB THAT ASS. Aegis ownage. GGPO.

Character that is totally defenseless in the corner.

3s I think is twelve…

what about super turbo and A3?

what character is completely nerfed in the corner.

:sad: Very true…

Twelve? I use him sometimes and it’s easy as hell to get out of corners with his air dash + variations.

I say the twins in 3S has harder time getting out than Twelve.

And why is this topic so similar to the other one…

There are no twins in 3S.

And uh… Q in 3S I suppose.

The twins he’s referring to in 3S is Yang and Yun, but they are hardly defenseless in the corner. I’d have to agree that it’s Twelve in the corner. Theres nothing he can really do except try to jump through a predictable hole in the enemy’s offense, but that really just means the opponent’s offense was weak. If you’re stuck in the corner during an offense, most people will smack you back down if you jump with twelve. Floaty jump and slow dash is problematic.

Nobody else really that I can think of… probably every big character in MvC2 since being corner trapped as a big character seriously means death.

Twelve…def. Where you might be able to IAD out of the corner, you could also get caught IAD and find yourself right back into the corner. :tdown: :sad:

jump - ex dive.

DJ vs Shotos in ST is pretty shitty for DJ. Well, in ST corner is terrible place anyhow… that’s where firetraps are really deadly. It’s called a “cornertrap” for a reason. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cornered no-super Bison vs Gief/Hawk/Honda? game over man, game over.

well abit , unless they are smart … parry , poke or throw then jump off …

the real 3s cast that are really hopeless when got cornered , ALEX ! NO HOPE ! ALEX’S counter attack is so predictable . alex’s CHarge attack is useless in corner .

Q sucks when he’s cornered ?? A REAL TOP Q players deliberately make themself being cornered , Real Q players are fucking good in predicting THrows and mixes . if Q turtles and taunts , chances of defeating Q is reduced .

i got humiliated by a Q player by just deliberately being a punching bag for me , he parry and poke and runs …and then taunt . Q players are really top-tier bastards right now.

well , chun and yun is a whore when you got cornered by them , yun has about 50% chances to get perfect against alex if he get’s cornered .