Advantages of being in the corner?

Remy doesn’t really lose much while being in the corner. No Cross Ups Allowed =p but that doesn’t really make him any better. Just stops him from being worst.

well urien got problem he get tick throwed

As Q, I’m pretty used to being in the corner, and I do fine in it. I’d rather the other guy be in the corner, though.

LOL You must be playing some scrubby people. If you try to IAD outta the corner 90% of the time you’re gonna eat an AA move. It’s best to just turtle up or poke your way outta there.

that leads to deception then , twelve could have crouch instead of jump .

No, I jump first, I know they’re waiting for that, then I parry their AA and get the phuck outta there.

I remember seeing a ST match recentely, Sim vs Dic. Sim pushed him to the corner and did repeated yoga flames, seemed like Dic couldn’t get out? He would block a couple then try to jump or scissor and just get hit until he died.

…that’s because you suck

Oro’s Yagyou traps work better if he starts cornered. not quite as good as Makoto or fortress Honda, but it’s sorta up there.

No need for two threads on practically the same thing.

If iron man gets backed in the corner all he needs is that standing roundhouse + drones for safety. if solo just counter the fuck out of the char its easy when you have his standing roundhouse into any infinite you want =D

Er… why has everyone ignored the guy who said Twelve uses EX dive to get out the corner? It still requires a large-ish gap in your opponent’s offense but it’s the only ‘safe’ way for Twelve to escape.

IAD out the corner indeed… fucking hell. It’s no wonder everyone thinks Twelve sucks.

Being in the corner is good for Anakaris because he can turn the tables on you. :tup:

one advantage to being in the corner is if you know what your opponent likes to do to cornered players, you can effectively counter what they have in store. if, for example, your playing against a Guile/Charlie, they will most likely have a Flash Kick charged and ready for those who want to jump out of the corner. you can coax them into wasting it by just jumping straight up and blocking and punishing them as they recover. generally, i dont worry much about being cornered, because im an Akuma player and his warp is great for escaping certain doom, and infuriating the opponent in the process. :clap: but, if the game im playing is Akuma-free, then ill figure something out.

Put twelve in the corner, or perhaps most any character, against Dudley and theyll more than likely have a hard time gettin outta there.

Dudley vs. anyone but Makoto in the Corner is GG.


its funny i hardly ever get conered for long, i think if u know what ur doing u can corner hugo/zangief any big character very easy

This is Rick (Dasrik/Danny) posting with Jos’s account.

You have a mental advantage in the corner; basically, that you are cornered and backtracking is not an option. It forces you to fight or die.

Like Philth said, Honda is most at home in the corner because, barring engine glitches (Chun-Li in CvS2), Honda is perfectly happy to sit in the corner and pound on the strong button if he has a lead. Of course, this precludes you having a lead first. This is one of the classic features of E.Honda gameplay. Your opponent has to be smarter than you or he will lose.

Other characters are naturally strong in the corner, like MvC1 Hulk and Makoto - basically, those characters who can make it or break it off of one mistake. You can use Honda-esque strategems to hold a lead and bank on the opponent being so frustrated he will overextend himself and allow for you to do your money shot combo.

But overall, there’s a mental advantage. One of Jos’s favorite tactics is to corner himself and force you into a close-range melee, from which he will throw you so YOU are in the corner, basically tricking you into doing his work for him. It rarely fails.