Advent Children

Just got through watching it. Awesome! What do you guys think about it?

it was hot! The story wasn’t too deep but the style and action was hot!

why didn’t you just post in the ac thread in gd? Is the fanarts crew a seperate union? lol

did you dl those torrents I sent you?

You guys are lucky you get to see Oliver Twist before the rest of us do!

So this is out on DVD now, or you downloaded it?

It’s out already Apathy. On dvd yesterday.

Dfist yeah art crew gets their own thread. Still art discussion because I wanted to say thgat the fight scenes and character designs were dope!

The story was so so, but who cares I just wanted to see the fight scenes.

Haven’t DL’d or obtained the DVD yet, but I will asap. Been waiting for this for a long time. ^^;