Advertising my crappy videos where I laugh like a hyena

I play many games well, except for fighting games, I started a youtube channel, where I am joined by my brother, Huck (who is actually good at fighting games).

There is no one in the world as bad at fighting games than I am and Huck tries to encourage and teach me to play them.

We try to have fun on the channel and hopefully someone out there can get some enjoyment out of it or maybe learn something with me on my journey.

Here we try new characters for the very first time online:

So are you here to actually get help in fighting games…or just advertise your crappy videos?

Go die in a fire, op!
You’re a fucking scumbag and your videos are as funny as testicle cancer.
You also laugh like a fucking retarded hyena. Try not to laugh when you get your first date in about 20 years.
You might even make a hooker run away from you with that filthy laugh.

Yeah my laugh is pretty ridiculous, hyenas are cool though.

I changed thread title accordingly.

Just thought people at a similar skill level as me can see they aren’t alone rather than just watching videos of top players. And have some laughs doing so.

Delete thread if necessary.