Advice about following up after a phone interview


Just figured I should try and post here because why not? haha…

Long story long… had a phone interview with a company for an entry level position that I thought went fairly well. Interviewers were positive and then said to follow up with them with any further questions if I had any and that I would know within 2 weeks. Should I try and get an update in 1 week? Or just be patient and wait the full two? On one hand it can show eagerness/commitment to the job… but on the other hand it can show lack of patience and annoy them…


On one hand it can show eagerness/commitment to the job… but on the other hand it can show lack of patience and annoy them…

I’m sure they care about that more. As long as the interview went good, a follow-up email wouldn’t hurt.


Unless it’s a federal/government job i wouldn’t bother

I have two job offers, but the fed job doesn’t tell me anything about my process.

This other job told me i could start on 8/25

I am thinking of taking the job in front of me then leave for the job i really want once they start

  1. Have a legitimate question (not “did I get the job”)
  2. Say “thank you.”

You’ll be fine.



Yeah, I already did send a follow up/thank you/reiteration of desire/skills required for the job to the two interviewers within 24 hours of the interview since I wanted to be professional. When you say “legitimate question,” do you mean I can’t ask something along the lines of, “I just wanted to follow up on the hiring process post interview. Is there anything else I would be able to provide that would help the decision along?” Also, should I be calling or emailing? And should I try and directly email one of the interviewers or do it through proper channels with HR? My recruiter has never responded and the Talent Aquisition guy I feel is kinda removed from this circle at this point since the two interviewers were supervisors of the branch I am applying for.


Whatever part of your brain gave you that idea, tell it to take a vacation until you get hired. Slip in curiosity about the process after actual concerns or questions. That thing about "helping the decision along’? Do not do that under any context.


Due to liabilities the hiring process for companies these days is set up in a way that “following up” on an interview can do nothing for you. It will not make a candidate more desirable and it will not prompt them to give you information they wouldn’t otherwise. Following up on a job interview is an antiquated idea at this point due to how delicate the hiring process is for most companies.

Your best bet is to just sit tight and keep applying to other places.


I wouldn’t wait until they call me back, instead I would still put in more applications for other places

nothing is guaranteed until you start your first day, ive been through the gauntlet of applying to places, getting the interview, drug test, second interview and still not get the job


I would just wait if I were you and look elsewhere in the meantime. There’s not a whole lot “following up” can do for you.


Cool, thanks guys. Much appreciated for your thoughts on this.


Keep looking, and get back to them in 2 weeks if they haven’t called you.