Advice against a specific strategy

I have been playing 3rd strike for about 6 months now and have been developing my skills a lot over the summer. However, when I return to college is when I will really put my 3S skills to the test. One of the people at my college plays as Ryu 99% of the time, and he generally uses this annoying strategy and I would like to know from other players how you would deal with it. Of course I haven’t faced him in 4 months, so I might be able to take him down now, because I have evolved in my game tremendously from back in May.

Anyway, his strategy basically consists of turtling like crazy if I attack, then countering with either a shoryuken or a fireball. He basically plays a punish game. He waits for me to mess up, then attacks. He also parries like crazy, then counters. However, if I refuse to attack him, or just lay back (with Q for example), he corners me and continously uses overheads and lows. This presents a problem for Q because he needs the player to jump in order to get out of the corner most of the time. I would like to know how I could deal with this aggravating strategy. I know its easy to beat, but I just haven’t quite found the weak spot in his game. However, I am beginning to think punishing his low fierce kick with Q’s SA1 would be perfect, because he uses that constantly as a panick move, and as just a general annoyance move.

All advice/strategies are welcome! :slight_smile:

If it’s specifically to Q and all he’s doing is punishing and do repetitive high lows, if you don’t have much confidence in parrying, you’re not going to be able to do much. Fireballs > Dash Punches and if he’s just throwing fireballs to get you to jump so he can DP you, you should be able to parry it quite easily. If you aren’t good enough yet and want to practise more by yourself then just play against the CPU and constantly jump-in and try to parry whatever random crap comes out. You’ll get hit a lot, but after awhile, you’ll get the hang of it. I’m not much of a Q player, but I really hate playing patient Ryu players either way.

I find it difficult in a lot of cases to keep charges (I play Urien mostly) consistently, but as Q you have the option of close x (ex) claw hands. Abuse your command throw’s range and tick x command throw -> combo will do you well if he doesn’t do well under pressure.

Doesn’t seem to be much of an opponent by how you’re describing him, so just know that you are fighting an uphill battle and even though parrying would be a last resort for me, knowing how to parry against these types of players really give you a strong edge.

Thanks for the advice, I am confident in most of parrying abilities. Parrying fireballs/shoryukens is cake for me, its predicting the overheads mixed in with lows that I have to figure out.

Super through pokes? SAI with Q has invincibility dude. Parry > C&DB, goes over shoto footsies like necros

Stop using Q, pick Chun, b+fierce till you have a stock, then c. foward xx SAII.

Seriously, sounds like like you should just start parrying his srks and fireballs and punish with whatever Q uses to punish (I don’t know Q that well). If he doesn’t have any other defensive tricks up his sleeve, you’ve just given yourself an enormous advantage. Also, what super does he use? If he uses Shinkuu, watch out for c. foward xx SAI, f + strong xx SAI, and any other setups. If he uses Denjin, try to stay on your feet. I don’t know anything about Shin srk setups.

If you’re having difficulty with high low mix-ups, the easiest thing to start with is to block low while waiting for the overheads since they tend to be slow and have slow recovery you can parry the overheads and punish. If he really enjoys c.RHing to sweep you at a distance, just low parry into SA1.

If he’s anything like my friend, once you break his habitual plan, he’ll just stop playing you. After losing 3-4 times, he becomes nothing more than a fodder and he’s the type that doesn’t really work at making his current character stronger. If he ever plays you again, he’ll have learnt a new character to do so… then again there is quite a time gap of a couple months and everybody does get better if they play a game with any consistency.

Yeah the only reason why I want to beat him is because he uses the same cheap and lame strategy. If he loses just once he gets annoyed, and if you beat him twice in a row (which I did once) he completely freaks out. So I think your right about your theory XIII lol.

Yeah, honestly, fireball traps shouldn’t be working on you in a game where you can parry.

Ok try this:

First of all, you use Q, who doesn’t have much of a rushdown. Yeah, you can rushdown, and if he’s nonstop turtling, you can fuck him up with CDB’s and other shit, but here’s what I suggest: Turtle back.

Now, he should not be able to just overhead you, because if he’s in overhead range he’s in kara-range. If you want to stop him, you HAVE to master Q’s Kara throw. Kara throwing is the only way to keep shotos the fuck off of you, and it’s damn effective.

If he starts turtling, run away and taunt. That will force him to chase you down. If you kara like I told you, he will be scared to get in too close. He’ll be forced to start low forwarding you. You can stuff low forward with Q’s standing MK. Play footsies with him, c.MK, s.MK, HK from max range, b.MP are all good pokes vs. shotos.

If he starts randomly dashing you can stop him with lp, and then quickly CDB. This is extremely effective. Zone him with jumping HP, J.MK at max range is good.

Attacking, dash punches are good but don’t counter with them because they will get parried. Use them to stick out when you think he will jump or dash in…in other words, at ambiguous times.

Finally, if he starts turtling up, remember he cannot parry or block command throws. CDB his ass, if you got him in the corner, ohh my the havok you can wreak on a turtler! It’s a beautful thing, one of Q’s strengths.

Outside of that, I would work the CDB on his ass, bring the taunts, parry his jump ins or Anti air him, and otherwise play very safe, make him come to you, and make him run into your boot.

Oh shit one more thing! You can SAI through fireballs. That’ll make him think twice about throwing them. That is key since you said he was zoning you with FB’s.

Lol what a fag. We had a dude out here like that, he would leave after you beat him 5 times. He was such a homo and he wouldn’t listen to any advice you gave him, it would just make him madder. I can’t believe some people can be that lame. And the Dude was 25 years old!!

Hey now, with age comes ignorance ;D some people just don’t like being looked down on and they feel like help is a form of pity.

Yeah, like ParryAll said, super through his fireballs.

This guy you’re describing sounds like this dude thats bitches all day long about getting thrown in SFII CE at my school.

He and his friends go by this very odd honor system where if they “accidently” throw one another, they let them get up and throw them back.

I know its a whole different game, but they got the same strategy of constant sweeping. I still rape everyone with Zangief tho, and its highly amusing seeing them trying to avoid my tick throws into 360s

I agree with alot of what everyone said here. However, since this is 3S and not SFII, you got parry, use it. Abuse Q’s command throw.

If you learned to play Makoto somewhat decent, I’m sure you’ll beat the guy in a really brutal fashion as well.