Advice against Yun/yang?

Im up to over 2k bp ranked 100 or so with makoto but i am totally free against yun/yang.

How do you deal with their dive kick pressure and defense?

im having the same problem. best thing to do is block high than low after because yuns will try to get you with a short after the dive kick. Other options include ex hayate, backdash, standing strong. im still learning but those are options. I hope this helps.

tried backdash it doesnt work i get hit out of it.

Tried but it is too slow and i get hit out of it.’s a winner
-wise block/focus & backdash maneuvers, and regroup

There’s a match up sticky. Please keep this type of conversation there.

im sorry but i think we need a thread specific to the twins especially since it will easily be 50% of anyones matches played for the next few months.
on top of the fact that the thread itself is extremely outdated and hasnt been updated in quite some time and likely needs to be remade for AE anyway.

I’ve found that beats out alot of their dive kick approaches if spaced properly. Also I personally feel that Makoto has a pretty decent advantage when she gets a knock down (more so than against other characters) against yun because of his disablilty to FADC after his DP kick move. (or at least I’ve never seen one do it before). I dont think the match up is as bad as some people think it is. She can stay on top of them as well as they can against her.

Just IMO of course…

S. mp is great for stuffing yun’s lunge punch on reaction. Sometimes you trade in his favor but at least he gets air reset and doesn’t have frame advantage on you

OS c. lp + c. lk + c. mk works well or you can even bop them with an Ultra 1 if you’re feeling lucky

From my experience S.MK and S.MP work on far away dive kicks, C.MK works pretty well against close dive kicks.

As for specials, I’ve taken a day in training mode and looking at frame data to find some stuff…
LP shoulder is safe.
EX Rush punch is safe.
Clap is safe.
All other specials are punishable with S.MP (Shoulder punish with S.MK, C.LK or S.LK, moves him too far away for S.MP. Up kicks you gotta know which one he used and where he is gonna land. :).

Two Slashes (C.LK > Hayate, S.LP > Hayate, 1 frame punish with S.MP, this depends on how far away he is when using it) Single Slash is safe
HP Clap is the only safe one (1 frame punish on MP Clap with S.MP).

Only problem is I don’t see any reason for a Yun or Yang to use specials since they have so much time to hit confirm with their mega easy links.
I don’t think F.LP would work where S.MP wouldn’t.

problem Im having with yang (whom I thought was the more dangerous of the two even in third strike) is that our girl is dangerous when she can score knockdowns but she is weak when she gets knocked down. Yang has those very quick crouching shorts(?) which link so easily into a knockdown for him. When I get in a crouch short into jab hayate after a blocked slash, I don’t get a knock down, so when I try to follow up- here comes those kicks again and suddenly I’m down again. These two Yangs I played last night in the endless lobby were merciless. I would be REAL close to a win and suddenly get caught by one crouch short which led to a 10-13 hit combo and my death. I couldn’t when I round. I found in training mode that an EX oroshi CAN stop a lot of yangs advances if you’ve blocked, but you have to have meter and its hard to get meter if you are blocking the whole time. Also her forward strong is still great but I find it trades with him every time, which resets the situation. Hmmmmm… gonna be a lot of late nights working on this one. If some Makoto players (with a mic) friend me, we can go into a endless lobby with a yang or two and talk our way through it. McGowanshewrote on Xbox live

Unfortunately you need meter and it can be hard to build like you said, but I love the C.LK > EX Hayate, it is magnificant. So much better than going for a LP Hayate. Does more damage, gets a knock down, and sends them flying towards the corner where you would want them.

makoto vs yun tips and tricks:

haha awesome. Loving HP.oroshi on wakeup.

Brilliant. I particularly like the TC as AA, that covers all the bases.

I’m finding ex karakusa to be pretty useful in this match so far. Seems like it’s pretty hard for the twins to start a true block string after a blocked dive kick, so if they like to push buttons after a dive kick they’ll usually get grabbed.

Yeah. At this point, a lot of them love to go immediately into lows (think lk) following a blocked dive. And of course, ex kk is severe punishment.
But I think the better ones won’t be doing this.

Do you have one for Yang yet?

Does this have to be meatie or not not to win?

no meaty. But you have to hit with active frame as soon as he wakes up (or you can get thrown xD)