Advice and guidance with the Asciiware Playstaion 1 Arcade Stick

Purchased this stick for 5 dollars at my local flea market. I want to know if it is moddable?

It’s the Japanese version, which I hear is the better of the two versions of this stick.

I’ve taken it apart and looked and wonder if I could mod this with 24mm Sanwa’s since the 30mm would be too big. I don’t care much for the joystick, since I think it’s decent.
I did grind the L2 hole a bit and the 24mm sanwa I had did fit nicely. I’m wondering if I could solder the sanwa’s (if they all fit correctly on the other holes after some grinding.) to the points on the PCB? Each button (L1, L2, Square, X, Circle, etc.) on the PCB from what I see have two points where lines (signals?) travel through the PCB.

Everything is moddable. The stick looks very much like it’s standard common ground. The pads all have four lines in, but for each pad, two of those lines are tied together. I’m not sure why they set it up that way.

You COULD mod it. But honestly it seems like a pain in the ass…

This was my first arcade stick. The stick itself isn’t arcade quality but I actually never had any problems with it. Works great!

The buttons are pad style, so you might want to switch those out.

Problem is, the button holes are too small, so you’d have to enlarge the holes and then wire up new buttons to the pcb. Not only that, but there might not be enough vertical clearance, as the case is very thin.

Good luck!

Correct me if im wrong but i think i can glue the pcb to the deep area of the back plate and solder the buttons to the points. Freeing up a lot of space for the buttons also bend the plugs on the sanwa’s for even more space and getting some extra wire for the joystick so reaches the pcb Also enlarging the holes only takes 2 minutes. Thanks for the comments by the way guys :slight_smile:

What you said…

Clearance for replacement buttons and joysticks can be an issue with older cases and current cases like the Hori Fight Sticks.

A lot of those cramped, older cases aren’t worth modding, IMHO.

Rule of thumb for me – if I can’t fit a JLF or Seimitsu LS joystick in there comfortably even after cutting some plastic, it’s probablyy not worth investing time and money to replace the existing parts.

Ditto for cases that require me to bend the button terminal prongs so that I can slide quick disconnects onto them.

People that mod Fight Sticks regularly are brave, IMHO.
Even the Mad Catz SE’s are much better bases for mods. They were shaped and sized to be modded comfortably!

If I can mod a Dreamcast Innovation Arcade Stick, I am sure you can mod this PS1 stick.

Everything is moddable, although at times you need the help of white labor.

Yeah - there’s no doubt it CAN be done, but I’m not sure of your level of expertise. If you’re pro with a dremel and soldering then no sweat. If this is your first real mod, then…I’d suggest something easier.

Well last time I soldered anything, I was 10 when I put together a radio kit for a science project. IMO I don’t think soldering is hard, If thousands of you here in these forums can do it, so can I. As for the dremel, I can either use the machine or do the grinding manually, either way I feel satisfaction.

Did you ever complete this project? I’m curious how it turned out because I have the ASCII Sega Saturn stick that is similar.

Good to see that you could fit the 24mm button with a little work. Mine doesn’t have the cylinders like yours so I’m thinking i can use screw in buttons after some hole grinding.

This may not be worth the effort, but if I can have some fun trying to revive my broken 15 year old sticks I’m gonna do it.

I’m toying around with the idea of making one these stickless following the hitbox layout. Picture below using the rubber button pads from the dismantled stick as a feeler.

Anyone ever do something like this to these old sticks? Either buttons only or a small stick like the ls33 on it? I’m inspired by all the creative work I see here.

Had that Ascii Saturn Stick AND the Hori SS Fighting Stick at one time!

Always felt the Ascii was more comfortable… The stock buttons on that one felt like Sanwa’s by comparison to the Hori SS Fighting Stick and the American T5. Very, very comfortable contact buttons. Didn’t use microswitches as I recall. (The Konami Hyper Fight Stick with the Seimitsu parts might have been the first mass-market arcadestick on-market with microswitch-equipped pushbuttons.)

The only problem – the Ascii case is really not a good one for mods. It’s very shallow and I don’t believe the button holes lend themselves to begin enlarged for most arcade parts but I could be wrong… I’m pretty sure I checked mine before I pitched the case and concluded it wasn’t worth the effort replacing the buttons. 30mm buttons won’t work… It’s possible – but I don’t remember for sure – that 24mm’s won’t fit either. (The joystick was long gone before then!)

That’s the thing about a lot of “retro” joystick cases. They do not lend themselves to modding a lot because of the button holes and shallow spacing. Even on the Hori Fight Stick line, the shallow case is notorious and there’s no way you can fit most Seimitsu joysticks in that case without severe modding. I only got a JLF in there by swapping the original stick shaft for the Hori FS shaft!

Thanks for the feedback GeorgeC. I’m a bit nervous about the clearance inside but I’ve got a few 24mm buttons on the way so lets see how they turn out. A new stick probably won’t fit but I’ll post the results. If at minimum the buttons fit I’ll do the all button mod. The ministick design posted here was pretty slim and similar to the thickest part of this Saturn case. Fingers crossed.

OP, sorry for the hijack. I’ll post the progress or failure on a separate thread. Still curious on the outcome of your playatation 1 stick.

No I never finished, I decided to drop the plans and instead used the PCB to put inside a Hori FSWii. Which then decided to crap out on me due to the soldering points being weak and the PCB being huge. Now I just have a regular PSX/1 pad inside the FSWii (Works wonderfully!!). Getting a HRAP V3 SA and planning on swapping my MvC2 Madcatz PS3 PCB w/ my PSX/1 PCB. The ascii stick I just threw away, I learned alot w/ those 5 bucks I spent on it.

DanDan, too bad it didn’t work out. Nice inexpensive practice. Hope I don’t have to junk mine. Thanks for all your responses. Definitely a great community of enthusiasts here! See you all when I post my progress.

Yeah man, Hopefully your project turns out well and the peeps here in TT are wonderful. Happy modding!!! :smiley:

I would definitely not junk the Ascii’s built in lever/joystick. As I recall, it was halfway decent and you could probably adapt Sanwa parts to it in case the original components (spring, pivot, microswitches) on it wear.

It’s kind of a JLF-loose joystick but was fairly comfortable. It was the only Japanese design stick that I remember had a bat handle!

The later Ascii joysticks for PS2 and Dreamcast (optical joysticks for KOF, the Agetec joystick – Agetec and Ascii are the same company) were pretty darn good for non-arcade hardware. People obviously thought the optical sticks were pretty good because for the last few years those things have been picked clean from the used stick market for the optical stick!