Advice desired

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Hello fellow SRK members, I am kahmos, and I picked up my first fighting game a few years ago with Vanilla SF4.

Fighters changed my interests in videogames all together. And since I started I have stopped playing MMOs entirely, along with RTS’s and most RPGs as well, I simply dont keep an interest in them as I enjoy playing fighters so much.

Now last weekend I went to winterbrawl 6, its about 2 hours north of me as I live in a poor area in the lower delaware/maryland area near the coast.

This year I didn’t feel very confident in my Gen due to hitting an execution ceiling with him and decided to pick up Dee Jay and Makoto, and so I played Dee Jay for my casuals and my tournament matches in AE singles.

I destroyed my first match which was a decent dudley player, and my second match was MarlinPie. My first game with marlin pie I played Dee Jay and I learned that my blockstrings with sobats are infact punishable, in the 6 months I have played Dee Jay I had not been punished by blocked sobats (at the tip) ever, so I decided to play my long time main since Super, Gen.

I actually took the second game and the first round of the third game, the 4th round I had marlin pie within 15% health before losing the round and then the third. Justin Wong sat behind me trying to commentate on a marvel casual match and actually stopped to commentate on my match. You can find part of my match on youtube, and if you go to spooky’s first archive for day 2, you can find his short commentary at 2:12:20.

I was starstruck by this, because I feel with my resources I could only get so far skill wise, and to have the arguably best player in america say that I am pretty good made me feel accomplished, that and almost eliminating a pro player in a major was pretty awesome as well.

Since then I have been reviewing my play and decided I need to go back to training mode and grind my execution, but I have also realised that even though my play was really good as Justin said, the primary reason why I was prepared for the matchup was because the other good player in my area plays Cammy.

And this is where I need to ask advice.

There is really only a couple good players in my area, and really only a couple more who even play street fighter. I live in a fairly rural area 2 hours away from anything urban, or any fighting game community. I believe that the economy here is so bad that even with college I could not hope to make much more than 50k a year, hell, my background should dictate an income nearly as much but instead I make about half that.

I want to move to New York or Baltimore, or California, and I really have never moved very far from anywhere. I grew up just south of Philly in Wilmington, DE but after age 13 I’ve been a windowsill away from a farm field of some kind for the last 13 years (I am 26 now)

Is there anyone in the FGC who could hire an electronic technician?
I’ve never been without a job, I have perfect credit, I work out, educated, ect.

I just feel that I am stuck in this place, with no opportunities or people my age, or things to do in general. Cow tipping, hunting, bars, and after a decent drive, the beach, is about the majority of the interesting things people from around here get together to do.

I am a northerner just under the mason dixon line and its Street Fighter 4 that is going to make me move the f___ back to where I was born.

I get off at 4 and go to bed at 10, so a 2 hour drive to Xanadu in baltimore is not really an option for me, except for maybe on that one saturday a month they have a tournament on stream.

tim and eric aren’t funny, neither is your avatar, so change it. if you picked up fighters with sf4, stop playing fighting games because you’re doing it wrong. your help wanted post shouldn’t be on srk at all, try, say… fucking or some other website like that.

no one here is going to hire you because you like fighting games and i don’t know what you were thinking making this post. maybe you were on drugs.
edit: lol and life advice on srk, maybe not the best place to be laying it all out.

I don’t know, it’s the kind of thread that can strike a chord with people. I live in Europe and can’t help you, OP, but being involved in a community and networking where you can could help. You’ll also find (for good or bad) that if you are a decent player, especially with an underused character, people will go out of their way to help you.

I’ve known a lot of top players to sofa surf and travel without much money and really depend on people putting them up to go to tournaments.

Now while I wouldnt reccomend gdropping work and cruising around the US like some kind of arcade rent boy, maybe make an effort to go to more tournaments and get involved as much as you can. With networking and friendliness you might get the opportunity to move areas.

I’m allowed to quote a pic because I’m awesome.