Advice for a fellow fighting game enthusiast?


Hey, I’m Denjin_Man, i’ve been playing fighting games for as long as i can remember , i’ve had a copy of mvc2 since i was twelve and have only grown to love these games more. i only recently discovered how big the fighting game scene really was, i had no idea about things like evo, or this gem of a website i’m posting on, i’ve read S-Kill’s Domination 101 articles i’ve read the srk wikis, and i’m about to begin reading Dave Sirlin’s “Playing to Win”, i should probably mention the fighting game community where i live is shit, total shit, me and my group of friends are the only ones with a remote interest of Street Fighter, my best friend Chris is my rival, he is the only person who gives me a challenge and i love fighting against him, he beats me alot, but i like to think i’m getting better each time i fight him, my question is this, what can i do as a SF enthusiast who lives in the middle of nowhere, florida due to improve my game, and increase awareness of the SF communtiy and it’s intricate awesomeness.

I look forward to what you guys have to say.

See you on the boards…


If it hasn’t already been said… Welcome to SRK!

Please, have a seat. The pros will be with you in a moment.

It sounds like you want to up your game a little bit. Be assured that the road will be a long one. Anticipate a little bit of ribbing from SRK vets & newbs alike, so put your thick skin on. Weed through each post (positive and/or negative) and discern the spirit behind them. Treat each post as you would a match: (1) don’t take it too seriously, (2) learn from it, and (3) don’t quit.

Take this with a grain of salt: in its own wierd way, this forum builds character…


Thnx for the great advice, i know this forum can be a tough one, but i’m prepared to do what it takes to up my game.


Definitely hit up the tourney scene as much as possible. Even though you play with your friend a lot, you’re still not being exposed to different styles/levels of play. This will ultimately make you a better player and more aware of the different tactics used for whichever games you play. Online play is okay, but the major drawback is the lag/“lol, this is F’ing up my timing”. Welcome to SRK, thought by your SN you were California xD



You’re going to have to travel to other cities and play new people if you want to get better. It looks like you live near Ft. Lauderdale/Miami. I know there’s a pretty decent scene over there so check out the Atlantic South: Discussion & Matchmaking Section and get to know some of the guys in your area. Find out when they’re having get-togethers and tournaments, there’s always something going on in Florida!


Travel, go to tourneys and don’t be afraid to lose. Remember to think about how you can improve your game. If you lost, think about why you lost and if you won, think about why you won and how you could win more efficiently etc. You’re at the right place to learn all that stuff but a lot comes from experience. Have fun and ask questions because in general we’re a pretty friendly bunch.


Thanks for all the friendly advice guys, some good stuff to take to heart, i went to the fort lauderdale thread and there’s a lan center with SF IV right by me @_@ i had no f***ing idea!, thanks for the info and see you guys on the forum!