Advice for a Ken player against Akuma players in SF Third Strike

My favourite Street fighter game is Third Strike and I like to play with Ken because I like trying to achieve higher scores and grades in the game. However I tend to struggle with players who play with Akuma and nearly everyone I know plays with him. I’m not much of a combo genius, the only combo I can do is a fierce shoryuken which goes into the a Shinryuuken. I prefer to use the **Shinryuuken **because I can combo into it and it takes a lot of damage to connect but I hardly get the opportunity to use it. What advice do the pros have for me, shall I just practice more on combos or is this more of a strategy thing.

goto the correct forum… i assure you, if you look, you will find a third strike forum

also, street fighter has never been about doing big combos, its about strategy

The only advice I can give you for now is to stop using Shinryuken. It may do big damage and does a lot of hits, but it has virtually zero range, is largely meant to be an anti-air, and Ken needs something to compliment his far cancellable/link normals. This is one of the biggest reasons why Shippu(SA3) is Ken’s best Super.

Anything else I bring up will be for nothing because, don’t take this personally, you don’t seem to have a grasp of the basics.

What are the basics then?, yes I know SA3 is his best super but whats the point of using it if you cant combo into it, atleast SA2 is an anti air.

Learn all the combos for SA3. It’s essential. Shinryuken really sucks.

Yeah, switch to SA3 - it combos from ranges that SA2 won’t [max or so range of] from things that SA2 won’t [b+mk] and such. While the core of SF is found in strategy being unable to combo properly skews risks and rewards in a big way so… learn some combos first! SF3 has easy combos for the most part and with ken you can really get by with strong fierce xx shoryu and x2 xx SA3 stuff for a suspiciously long time.