Advice for a stick learner


hey guys
i am learning how to use a stick (used to be a keyboard warrior)

so far, i can perform most of the moves cept for

Double QCF (Quarter circle forward)

such as for Ryu and Sagat’s Super/Ultra move

i can do it slowly but when i try to combo it, i can never get it out in time.

any tips other than just “more practice” ( i have already practiced alot, doesn’t seem to improve)


how much is a lot? hours? weeks? months? the answer really is more practice.


this question should be here:

now you are gonna experience the wrath of the elder srk members!!! :coffee:


Oh boy, do you hear it? The sound of the rage running full steam like a freight train carrying dynamite! NEGATIVE HIM SRK ELDERS!!!


It’s pretty easy to do, just do a FORWARD, followed by a FORWARD-DOWN and a DOWN. Than you start this sequence a second time, fast as the first one.

That’s a 2xQCF.

PS: If you don’t have the right timing or movement, PRACTICE IT!

PPS: First I was like “Uhh, the little baby 3-move-Sagat player can’t do the ultra and expects some magic voodoo trick to play the imba character” but I ended up with the above. Just do, there is no special trick about it.

PPS: Maybe you should try to hold your stick in a different way, if the one you do now is not accurate enough for the movement?


Great advice there, dickhead.

QCF forward, moron.


lol that’s not even a QCB, that’s a QCD, which I’ve never heard of before



Keyboard is ftl unless you’re playing fps or rts. If you have to, watch your hands when you do it to make sure you’re doing the qcf right. Once you know you’re doing it right, remember how it feels (muscle wise). When you start trying without watching your hands, if it feels any different then you fucked up. You ask for something other than practice, but really, that’s all it is. Just practice.


That was the idea.

After a few hours of trying he would have recognized the difference and then he would have easily accomplished the other task.

But maybe it was just my pure frustration and anger with sagat players, which forced me to such a enigmatic description.

Anyway, to the OP, maybe you really should check your holdings and watch something like this:



I was just about to post that.

Assuming the user is a RYU player, Wine glass’ll work for him.

There’s also -
[media=youtube]Vmx6MMlwIkY&feature=related[/media] (As much as you probably know most of this, you should probably review it.)

Other then that, just do execution drills and play with the stick as often as you possibly can. Takes a week to adjust, err a bit longer if you’re me. lol Oh, and have fun raging when you do QFC’s and they register as Dragon Punch movement, but that’s a different story. :V


Don’t give up.


It’s still called…more practice.
Even with all the advice…you still need to keep doing it until you get used to the stick.
It doesn’t just come to you…keep practicing.


I am a wine glass with a slight eagle player with Akuma as main. And as a stick learner, it should not be to hard for him to switch.


Cammy / Gief player, Monkey / Grip of Doom (Hurr) but I have long fingers, lol.


I just don’t get how anyone would need advice using a stick. There’s no magic to it, it’s just practice, and it takes some time getting used to.