Advice for anyone trying to get better at fighting games, from a Novice. (Story of my return)


just keep pressing jab and short at the same time in shitty fighter 4

works great… :coffee:


Actually KoFXIII Steam Edition is coming out to PC shortly and the netcode has been proven to be amazing. SF4 level or even better.

I was actually being serious though when I said Play KoFXIII.
Alot of people I try to get to play the game just say “oh it is amazing but its too hard.” Whenever I find someone with your attitude I always try to get them to play KoFXIII as it is a game that will truly reward you for your time and effort put into it.


Well i moved to South Philadelphia in July of this Summer, and i’ve heard of this place, University Pinball (?). Apparently it has AE and Marvel 2 cabinets so I might give this a shot. Gonna be scary playing randoms in arcades again lol (haven’t done this since childhood). If/when i get some free time I want to stop by that place.

And yeah i go to Community College, where everyone just goes to lecture then goes straight home/to work.


There has always been players that don’t have the patience to get good at fighting games :wonder:


Perhaps one day when i get a decent PC and i become satisfied with my skills in AE. As for now i want to become solid at AE before i move on to advanced 2D fighters like KOF, or airdash games, or anything like that. “It’s too hard” may sound childish but for my current situation it is true. It’s the same reason why im starting out AE with M. Bison and not Guy or Gen. Im trying to take baby steps here lol.


Ah, community college, fair enough
Good luck with f2f competition. It’s so much fun compared to online


Love it. Cant agree more. Even for vets, we miss combos and our setups. Thats just what happens. We arent perfect all the time. So we’ve gone through the struggle, even more so then you newbies. But with hardwork you will get there. And once you’re there all will start to make sense.

If you ever play on PC add me. MiracleArrow is the ID. I have some vids in the evil ryu forums too :smiley:


Add me on XBL! Newbie here too down for some games.


Hello, I have ps3, I’m looking for someone who looks for a partner, I’m learning Lili combos, and i know Asuka combos that do 480dmg, If someone know anthing about Lili or chun li, say me please, i want to learn to play with that characters, add me at Ps3: ssub_0 Sorry for my english ^^ :slight_smile:


Every time I think I’m improving I inevitably end up facing an opponent who thoroughly confirms that that is not the case.


add me dude, you are awesome (GT is my SN) and I feel your story, I also am in the process of leveling up without much of a local scene (Vegas is primarily Marvel with a dash of KoF for good measure and none of my friends have the drive to play FGs competitively…).

Lets play sometime!


I work a lot so my GT is MAG7VUM BROW7V for anyone that wants to add me. Sometimes i dont have time to get on at night lol


I’ll add you mate, I mostly play at night when the girls are sleep lol


Yeah definately. I wish i had ANY scene let alone marvel or KoF. Shit i’d drop everything for divekick if there were people around willing to play it lol.


I’ve been on the grind for the last few months as well getting back into ss4ae. Grinding out the matches and sitting in the lab trying to better my execution. Its true once you take a step back and observe where you lost a match or mistakes you make its helps eliminate them. Very insightful to the OP and a nice refresh on the mindset more people should have.


Also I’m always down to learn more matches and just have good/fun fights with people. My tag on XboxLIVE is delldroid if anyone would like to add!


Didn’t you hear? Capcom fighters are the official fighting games.


Motivational. Thanks for taking the time to write this out.

Personally, aside from being discouraged, I’ve been addicted to the laziness drug and it’s caused me to become a pretty uneventful fellow, but more importantly, a guy who is shit at fighting games. I lose without properly applying myself because I don’t train, and I don’t train because I get discouraged and bitch out when I don’t master a combo or set-up in half-an-hour. NO MORE. I’m going forward with real drive and confidence from here on in. No giving up.

We all gonna make it.


it isnt laziness but rather a defense mechanism.
I could master a combo with ease too if I devote some time. I caught the input mechanism and timing. Problem are the repercussions. This will cause me such a mental strain and frustration that I’ll be tense for the rest of the day and if you add the online input delay etc my day and my mood will be ruined.
This if I play during morning/noon hours. If I do this at night I wont be able to sleep probably…

I prefer to learn things at a slower pace instead of trying to do all at once. Not just with videogames.


Play GG. :smiley: