Advice for B Grade Sagat Vs B+ Ryu

I have a lot of problems playing against my friend offline against his Ryu.

As soon as he gets into mid range its a fireball war to see who cracks first and jumps. If miss timed somones gonna eat DP FADC > ultra / Super / punish

Can anyone give me any tips on how to DESTROY him?.

Sagat in this game is soo fuckin slow and his jumps are comparable to zangief…:arazz:

I think my downfall is in close to mid range… any tips would be appreciated.

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If you guys constantly engage in fireball wars you should…

**-Try using U2 to go through it **
>I say this because it sounds like you have found yourself in this situation often. I normally go with Ultra 1 vs Ryu, but if he is Hadoken happy I switch to U2.
>Go to training mode and put Ryu on record, do a hadoken and test you reactions and more importantly know the distance you can do it safely and effectively.
>Take your time doing it, remember he’s not guile, you don’t have to guess, you can do it on reaction. Last thing you want is a Ex TU.

Try Kara Upper cutting through it
>Learn when to do a Kara Tiger uppercut. HP TU has great invincibility which allows it to literally go under on coming fireballs. Works great on Guile too.
>Don’t get carried away with it, know when to do it, pick up on patterns.

TIME your jump
>If no one is doing anything on screen there is no need for you to jump forward
>As mentioned earlier, pick up on patterns, jump in only when you picked of a poorly timed hadoken and MAKE SURE you at least get a knock down.

Back Dash
>Just get out of there sometimes, but do it safely.
>If you’re backed in the corner just stay composed and block, if you take damage, meh, it’s a video game after all :wink:

Fake outs
>Don’t let him follow your pattern, try to switch things up
>Make him think you’re going to throw shots when you’re not going to.
>Randomly through out shorts and jabs, crouching and standing, buffer a TU, when he jumps punish, if he stays on the ground throw a TS.
>Always keep him guessing.

I find fighting Ryu far more easy than Ken, don’t ask me why but Ken’s wake up game + Sagat’s mammoth frame is incredibly frustrating for me.

Yes I agree Ken is super annoying for Sagat.

Damn tiger slap, i thought i was the only one who found ken to be more frustrating … I even asked a couple people and they’re like nooooooooo ur crazy… o.O

Teorically you should have less problems against ken then ryu since ken’s fireball game is laughable and you should zone him quit easy whitout any trouble.
The problem would be when he gets in on you and the mix-ups start.

The match isn’t harder then ryu , the actual problem is that ken plays against your mind more often.

this is some next level shit

I think this thread has been misplaced. It belongs here… its a much more fitting place in my honest opinion.

Great Post:clapdos:

As for playing ryu tigerslap covered a lot of detail.

I’ll give some mental game against ryu.
Always keep your head high
never panic when ryu is attacking.
control the zoning and flow of the game
he is scared of tiger cannon so he’ll lose a lot of options when zoning
panicking ryu = win
keep your cool and stay on the floor