Advice for dealing with Hugo


Hey guys, I play a multitude of characters but have been focusing mostly on Adon. As I’m sure most players know, the air is a huge part of Adon’s game but I’m struggling dealing with Hugo’s.
His anti air grab can get you from anywhere on the screen if you aren’t firmly on the ground, and I do mean ANYWHERE.

Even a back dash, which is a hop animation gets pulled up into it. I mean, Cammy’s drill gets sucked into it, I assume Honda’s headbutt isn’t safe either…
So I guess I really need some firm ground game advice to deal with facing Hugo since every one of Adon’s moves involves him leaving the ground.


Stop jumping and backdashing so much. Adon has a monster grounded normal that is Wait for him to stick out a limb and then push a button on reaction and anti air with adon’s srk. Lame him out like you would with any other grappler and focus on footsies. I beat out hugo 9 times out of 10 with dudley by spacing myself, waiting for hugo to stick out a limb and then whiff punishing with st.hp or (buffered), any decent poke has a good chance of whiff punishing his normals half screen. I don’t play adon by I would also imagine that if you space yourself correctly and buffer into his lateral rising jag with (insert cancellable normal) as a whiff punish then it could work, adons with good footsies to it to me once in a while and dudley only has a fraction of hugo’s hurtbox. Know when a good hugo thinks that you’re looking for a whiff punish and start poking to prevent his dash ins/command grabs. When you have him trying to whiff punish you, then you can probably go for a jump in after baiting out a normal (the only good time to jump ever anyways).

sorry if not playing adon makes me look like a dick when giving you advice, but hugo’s normals are so slow and bulky making him (arguably) the easiest character to whiff punish in the game. All i could give you is some universal footsie suggestions


Yeah, that’s been my method of choice so far (I LOVE the, guess I just need to get better spacing to avoid Hugo’s reach. I’m so used to being super aggressive towards Gief players with jaguar kick that it’s almost instinctual now. lol


You could probably jag kick pressure him once you have him conditioned, once you establish a good ground game then anti airing is a lot harder for your opponent when they’re focused on your footsies


Don’t sweat it, you don’t need to be an Adon player lol, just some general tips are the best, I mean I do mix it up a LOT with other characters, it’s just that he’s my main and the one I have a lot of trouble with.


Vs grapples you can never play your game, well rarely if something is still + frames on block and can’t be reacted to. Just space and poke. If that doesn’t work, pull out pocket Sagat. Hugo has some strange stuff that will blast threw anything that isn’t a fire ball though, so many fun fights with Cammy vs grapples where just St HK / cannon spike wars but many of the cast play out like that.