Advice for doing a certain motion with arcade stick. please


Hi, I’ve been playing with an arcade stick for about a month now and already see improvements in my game but I’m having trouble adjusting. I’m going to try and explain my problem in hopes of a tip that would help me get by this quick. When playing from the left side of the screen I can’t seem to do ultra’s or super’s that require you to press down forward,down forward, follow by a button press. For example Ryu’s metsu hadouken is a pain; having to jump across the right side of the screen is risky business. It works the same with the right side of the screen but with moves that require you to press down back,down back, follow by a button press. I can do normal hadoukens just fine from both sides of the screen with consistency. It feels so awkward and uncomfortable to do a motion that wants me to buffer down and then to the right (x2) on the joystick. Anyone else had the same problem when you first started using an arcade stick? if so how did you overcome this? :sad:


Practice is pretty much the only way to get better at the motion. It took me about 2-3 months of semi-casual play to get down the QCF x 2 motion from the P1 side.


Dam 2-3 months? Yeah, I guess I should get it down if I keep on playing.


Really, 2-3 months to be able to do a 236236 motion? It took me two days to be able to do them every time. Just go to training mode, turn on “show inputs”, and practice until you see 236236+X every time.


God I hate reading the “practice” replies, but it’s so true. Practice the ultra on both sides until you get it 10 times in a row, if you miss restart the count, and the BEST advice I ever heard for execution difficulties on a square gate, is do NOT ride the edges of the gate, turn input on in training mode, test how far you have to move the stick before the input you want registers, and go from there, practicing shorter motions instead of mashing down > right on the gate will make things much easier.

Hooowever-and here comes the argument-I personally had a VERY hard time adjusting to a square gate, after 6 months of practice, daily practice for an hour or more, I was still whiffing alot of things, unless I made a very conscious effort to stay off the gate. SF was really starting to piss me off, I was thinking so hard about my execution I didn’t have much brain left for strategy.

So, I spent the 10 dollars (15, bought a bat top too :P) on an octagonal restrictor, and have since had much success with it. To fend off some of the flaming I’ll get for giving bad advice, I will say that statistically a square gate is better (there’s pictures somewhere…) so before you think an octogate will fix all of your problems, dedicate a lot of time to trying to learn the square, as I’m sure the case will be, many people swear by them. Again, keep trying with the square, they are arguably (maybe not) better, and if you just can’t do it, blow the 10 bucks on an experiment, and see what suits your tastes better.


Octagons are good for learning so long as you make a conscious effort to stop at the engage distance rather than the gate. Still, I recommend switching to square after getting consistent on the octagon.

The reason square gates are “superior” has to do with throw distance. The maximum distance you can move to do a 236 motion on an octagon is larger, therefore it’s easy to learn “slower” movements. Once you get past riding the gate, there shouldn’t be any difference. The fastest possible motions are the same.


Thanks for the replies. I’ve been thinking about getting a octagon gate but I’ll see if I can get it done with the square one first. I’m going to try 10 ultras with out messing up.


Somehow it helps for me if i Tap the 3 punc buttons realy hard :stuck_out_tongue: like you hear the square gate tick tick and hten BAM and if it works i feel satisfied :stuck_out_tongue:


would an octagon gate help with 360 degree moves like a typhoon? I just end up jumping around


You only have to do 270 degrees to get a 360. Do 6321478+X, not a full 360. It’s no easier on an octagon than a square.


@Harvey, pm sent.


Well guys thank you for all the advice. After some hardcore training I think I got it. I told my self that I wouldn’t go to sleep until I get this down. Thank you CI581 for the link.


I had this problem when I first got my stick too.

What helped for me was to use SSF4’s shortcut input system:

Instead of

I did

Basically, what I did was to go down, downforward, then go back to down and rotate a little farther this time so I hit the forward on the last part of the motion.

I don’t usually do it anymore, but if I turn on input display and I’m not paying close attention to my inputs, occasionally I’ll see that come out instead of the full :qcf::qcf: motion.