Advice for Legendary Taunt?

I’ve recently decided to main Dan, and I’m having some difficulty with his legendary taunt. The main reason I want to master it is for the frame trap into Ultra 1, but unfortunately, because of Hisso Buraiken’s very general requirements, I more often than not accidentally pull a Hisso off instead of the Legendary Taunt. Is there anyway to shut off Hisso on Heavy so that I can devote that button only to Legendary Taunt? If not, what would you recommend to help me avoid doing an accidental Hisso? Should I work on try to lead in by pressing the kick button a bit earlier? Any help would be nice.

I used to have the same problem and even made a button solely for taunt for a while. It hurt more than it helped, so I just practiced it more till my hands knew what to do. I use the PS3 controller so it feels more awkward pressing the punch and kick buttons at the same time, but eventually hitting both felt natural with enough practice.

Err… it’s not a frame trap, just a super cancel… or super ultra cancel I suppose.
If you’re getting Hisshou instead of Legendary Taunt you could be getting it on negative edge or have a problem with your controller not liking simultaneous inputs or just need practice pushing the buttons together.

Practice max range c.MK xx super into ultra 1