Advice for Players who want to create a scene in their home town


Thanks to SRK, Capcom, EVO and Gamestop they have given us the perfect opportunity to network and find other players in our area.

I suggest that everyone here at the gamestop tournaments this weekend, next weekend and the weekend afterwards to network and connect with your fellow players at the tournaments. Get their phone numbers, emails, facebooks, myspaces etc.

Get in touch with them and play and hangout together so that you can build a foundation in your scene.

I believe this will benefit the community as a whole to do this. I looked at the signups here for the gamestop I am going to and its 32 people signed up including myself. I haven’t even checked the other gamestops.

It is very important that we all do this.

Hopefully you guys find this important enough to sticky it.


not a bad idea

but lets hope most arnt going to stay scrubs forever.


You know how you fix them being scrubs? You do the following things.

You give them an incentive to continue playing and getting better, and you give them the information needed to do so. So not only do you need to get everyone’s information and set up dates and play with each other, but you need to LET EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT SHORYUKEN.COM. This site has singlehandedly kept me connected to SF over the years when I would have otherwise forgotten SF and dismissed it long ago.


As of today there are 3 people signed up for the gamestop tournament including me and I already know them.


Sadly out of all 3 gamestops/eb games in this area, ZERO are doing something like this.



same here. theres about 8 people registered, and half are my friends, the others I have seen playing in local gatherings


i’m feeling pretty confident in my SF scene because in my small town, there have been about 30 people that have signed up so far. Hopefully this will bring everyone that plays together outside of the tournament


That is great idea, I have already turned nearly my entire house into SF players(4 outta 5) , it would be great to foster a scene again now that the arcades around me are sadly dead, used to have a blast during the SCII days when they were still around. There seem to be about 25 signed up so far at my game stop, I had heard the 2 stores were consolidating their lists so maybe as many as 40-50 people.


I made this thread a few days ago just for people to have a laugh and exchange stories, but it more or less turned into people giving advice about how to create a community… which is kinda cool. :smile:


Wow, Is should sign up for the tournament too, it’ll be great… oh wait there are NO (none, zero, nada, nyet, etc) locations in my state (Hawaii) but i do know there are quite a few SF players here too. oh well, ill just hope they fix the net code so I dont get disconnected every 15 matches.