Advice for ppl who are new to using fight sticks


Hello all I recently received my new fightstick in the mail and have been using it as of late playing MvC 3. All of my life I have used regular controllers for fighters so the transition to a fightstick for me will be difficult but I’m committed to learning it. I was wondering what are some good tips to learning how to use a fight stick. For example for me I’m finding it kinda difficult right now to do the dragon punch motion on a stick, things like that and such. Should I just reteach myself how to play fighters on a fight stick? Any advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Thanks to all


I dont think theres much you can do except lots and lots of practice. Sit in practice mode doing all the motions repeatedly till you improve, also playing friends and even the CPU will benefit, theres one thing practicing when you are thinking about it, its another when someones all over you.

But eventually all of it will become muscle memory


That’s pretty much it.
If you want to be good on stick…you basically have to start over.
You can go to training mode, set inputs on and see if you are doing the commands correctly.
Read this thread…quite helpful.


It might also help to practice on a slower paced non vs. game.


Beat me to it! <3

Also, read this:


cricha17, did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Read the thread, do practice reps.

I’d say you probably don’t want to jump into a match right away, as execution can fly right out of your mind and you’ll end up doing all sorts of weird motions–and badly, at that.

For myself, I do reps in practice mode, then slowly step it up. Slower pacing is the key initially. Remember–you’re not working on landing stuff in a match, you’re just trying to get the things to go off with some kind of regularity.


Yup sure did thanks a lot for the link you sent and for all of the advice I’ve gotten so far


I dunno if this is real helpful or not. But when I used to play in an arcade, I was standing and the stick was fairly low, like around waist level. Since I bought a stick and use it at home, I find sitting it on a table thats a fair bit lower is easier for me. I’m not good at playing it on my lap or at that level as alot of people seem to prefer. Hands feel a little awkward like that, rather than if its down lower, hands just kinda sit on the stick more naturally.