Advice for someone transfering to GGXX, me needs


i have the game, but i picked it up only a couple of times /=. but if u can answer some of these questions for me, id be greatful. and i’ve been playin since SF2WW so i know the basics of fighting games.

My favorite character is Guile, who is the closest thing to him in GGXX?

My style of play, i like the runaway/keepaway game, i also like mixups, which characters are good for those?

What’s the most common mistake from someone transfering to another game?

Who are the most common characters being played? i’m assuming Sol.

What should i forget about from what i learned in past games and keep with me from past games?

Is this game anything like MVC2?

How often do air combos happen in this game? im not talking about the one’s in normal jump range, but the super jump range.

Can u gimme some good advice too?


Hm, the closest thing to Guile is probably May or Venom, but even though they’re charge characters, they have a completely different style of play compared to how you would play in SF.

As for runaway/keepaway, Dizzy is the most obvious choice. This game rewards offensive play though, so running away the whole match isn’t wholly encouraged. (Axl’s also a good choise) As for mixups, a lot of characters have a mixup game, you’ll just have to find out which is your favorite.

The most common mistake is trying to play the game like a Capcom game. It’s a whole different ballgame here.

Most common characters? Hm. Everyone is used at a fair amount. May is probably used the least, though.

This game is pretty much nothing like Marvel, other than chain attacks. Oh, and the ability to confuse the average onlooker with crazy stuff onscreen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Forget about normal/superjump air combos. Just remember that there are combos. Usually the majority of the air combos use double jumps, which everyone has.

Tips on learning: Learn about all the subsystems. Faultless defense, roman cancel, jump install, etc. The majority of this stuff is in the instruction booklet, too. The other stuff, ask people online on the forums here or Oh, and you’d need to figure out a character to use before we can go in-depth on how to play, because every character is different.


Remember all your core SF2 strategy. Corner traps, cross-ups, projectiles pressure, tick throws. There are crucial no matter who you play.


I like to think about the game as a mixture of CvS2 with MvC2.

The combos system and many other features (air dash, multiple projectile, offensive rewards) is similar to that of MvC2, but the gameplay is more like CvS2 with a faster pace and less turtling. It has features from both games, like double jump, alpha counters and many more things that are in neither of the games

You can still turtle in this game though.

Basically you have to see what type of character suits you the best… It is strongly recommended to choose 2-3 characters (counter characters) as it gives you way many more options.

BTW, most characters have rushdown options… even the big and buff Potemkin has rushdown options… so these descriptions are very general.

Some good characters for starters are:
a) Sol: rush down, high priority, dragon punchmadness
b) KY: Mid range, Fireball madness, Zoning, mix ups.
c) Dizzy: Zoning, throwing, keep away.
d) Axl: Keepaway and mild Rushdown, Poking.
e) Venom: Traps/Locking, cheap damage, Zone keeper. Charge
f) Bridget: Mid/long Range. Rushdown. Traps
g) Potenkim: Throwing. Mid range. Big and buff.
h) Ino: Mix up (low/up game). Rushdown.
i) Slayer: High priority, traps, weird rush in.

BTW, all characters are good enough to be playable in this game…

So you don’t have to go for tiers… though there are a lot of very tough counter character matches

Combos happen all the time… you can combo into grabs and usually from grabs (doesn’t mean it is easy to do), Combos aren’t those 200 hit infinite madness like in MvC2… they are small strings in general, with only 5-10 inputs, and in most cases they are easy to do. Of course there are some combos that can bring input as high as 20-30 (like chip’s or Jam’s) and there are also very damaging 2 hit combos (like forward K into Potenkim buster).


so anji isn’t a good starting character??? thanx for telling me :stuck_out_tongue:

and vs= perfect mix between cvs2 and mvc2


This is the best advice. Even though i hate the game, when i play it i stick to my basic sf strategies. and manage to pullof 20 game winstreaks. Personally i think your better of playing another game, but if u want to play ggxx i say to choose venom as your character. Very easy combos and a top tier super.