Advice for you Sean players?



Well im new to Third Strike but not to the street fighter series. Like most others SF4 was the game where I started to understand the game mechanics and stuff. This thread isn’t just for me but any other Sean player that is new to the game. I figure there will be a few because of the release of Online edition.

So my basic question is what advice could you give to a new sean player? I noticed his moves don’t seem safe and the dragon punch is just ugh.

Also what bnbs could I use for midscreen?

Thanks in advance.


Yeah he is shit. Read the threads instead of creating a new one,I dont know about the others but I’m kinda tired of seeing an “advice for new x characters” thread for every god damn character after 3soe came out.
Sean is trash, his bnb without super should be his target combo mp-hk or for punishing close hp - srk . If you want to use meter then c.hp - ex tatsu
Only ex tatsu is safe (only on hit) , other tatsus are unsafe even on hit.

Edit : I edited the post a bit because I wrote some serious bullshit before which
Spectre General pointed out


the frame data said LK tatsu was -7 on block?


to be really good with sean actually means you are really good at using shotos. anyone who is amazing with ryu,ken, gouki, is gonna be good with sean, and vice versa.

he is a joke character and he is supposed to suck, so remember that. if you are new to 3rd strike, id recommend using a different character to start. good luck.


He’s good for teaching you fundamentals because all of his specials are garbage and you need super meter for basic things like throwing a projectile or having a reversal that’s actually scary. You could just pick one of the other 3 better shotos to work on your footsies (since they have better ones any ways) but if you really wanna go through the grind he’s a great character for really forcing down footsies for you IMO.

He is the poopoo under your shoe bad though. Like even Twelve and Q are scary compared to him. You literally have nothing to win with but gimped fundamentals.


What Ryan said, but also, one caveat for new players to remember. You’re not being unique by using Sean as your main. It’s cool that you wanna pick him, and if you seem to do well with using Sean, terrific, more power to you, but do not feel as if you deserve more props just because you’re using the bottom of the barrel.

That being said, there’s nothing really abuseable with Sean. Get good with fundamentals, at least. Work your spacing with all your normals. You have a long, uphill road ahead of you. But hey, have fun and keep at it.


No offense to vandarkholme, but as someone who has been maining Sean for the past five years, I disagree with some of this post. (Except for the part about him being trash, that is true.)

Honestly, he has almost no midscreen options, target combo is basically right, but it does about the same damage and stun as a throw (give or take a few points depending on the character) and since his target combo must be started off a close attack, pick your poison and mix it up (target combo is safe on block though.) If you want a midscreen option that doesn’t require you to be at point blank, far hp is basically it. Forward+hk if you’re feeling lucky. Sean has to stay at point blank range to win, at least against any opponent who’s not going to just do unsafe moves on your block all day. cl.hp - srk is his best meterless safe punisher. - EX tatsu is better if you have meter, cl.hp and are basically the same move but is safe on block and is one of the most damaging normals in the entire game, both are cancelable. lk tatsu is just as unsafe as the other two. Only EX tatsu is safe, and ONLY on hit, and even then it puts you in a situation where you have to act fast.

vandarkholme says to read all the threads before posting, but really there’s not a lot of information about Sean all in one place (and some of it, like the lk tatsu example above, is bad information.) I’m seriously considering writing a guide so that there will be. That way you don’t have to take 4 hours finding the 8 or 9 posts in 7 different threads that give you good information.


Thanks and sorry for having to correct me, it’s been a long time since I left my passion for Sean in favor of some higher tier characters : ( Gonna edit my post before so there wont be any bullshit left like what I wrote before : )