[Advice]How to get beyond a plateau?


So I’ve been practicing pretty regularly in the training room. Can do combos (BnB to some Advanced stuff.), FADC to Ultra, know how to use footsies and pokes effectively, anti-airs. Even set the CPU to do mix ups, random block and just set them to hardest to practice against a moving opponent. All the good stuff. I feel confident in my execution and knowledge of match ups (I’ve studied and practiced what I’ve learned from here.)

But as soon as I go online or even play someone on the same tv…My mind goes blank and I go into a sort of auto pilot mode. I drop combos I’ve done hundreds of times (at the least) even something like cr.mk to Hadouken. My punishes default to either a grab or special move. I might throw out 3 pokes per match. It’s just bad.

Any advice on how to break out of this mentality?


Don’t worry about winning. Just worry about doing the things you worked on in training mode. If you worry about winning, you’ll level up very slowly. If you worry about improving each match, you’ll level up much faster.


What works for me is to set up small goals every match or session. Say I’m noticing I’m not using a certain punish combo I would try and make it my goal that match or session to use it every time I get the opportunity to punish. Just remind yourself before every match starts or in between round even to use that combo/setup/ whatever.
Also a reason you might not do a certain combo might be because you might not know when to use it? If that’s not the case, it might have to do with the adrenaline rush you can experience during an actual match, I’ve noticed that when I’m really tense during a match, I’m prone to drop more combos, but when I’m more relaxed the combos and mix ups come out more naturally. Maybe trying to emulate your state of mind you have during your training sessions will help you execute the thing’s you’ve practiced in an actual match. Just imagine your opponent is the training dummy you’ve been practicing on a lot before, you could even pick training stage to get more familiar, if that would help.

p.s. I’m still pretty new myself, so my advice might not be optimal, but this has just been working for me lately, so it might work for you too


You should think about it in this way: Playing against anyone else in a non-competitive setting is also just training. Just play more and you’ll break out of it naturally.


Thanks a lot for the replies guys. I really appreciate it. Funny enough I think all three of you absolutely hit the nail on the head. I’m very competitive and don’t like losing. So even when going online, I tell myself I have to win to show that I’m improving. It probably doesn’t help I fight in ranked matches where I not only lose, but lose those points too. I’m coming from the FPS scene where KDR is highly coveted, similar to BP to me. lol.

The adrenaline rush is definitely a factor as well. I get sweaty hands and really over anxious when playing online for a bit, especially after losing a few in a row. The goal thing I’m going to try for sure. I really like the punish combo thing you said. Learning more block strings I think might help as well.

And finally I think I might be putting too much thought into winning a bunch online. It really is still just training after all, technically.

All this coupled with the fact that I think I’m trying to force combos I’ve practiced/pokes/gimmicks. So I’ll take it one thing at a time until I can do it against a human opponent, then move onto the next thing I should integrate into my game.

Again, thanks for the advice. Any more is always welcome. And maybe if I see improvement I’ll update on here or make another thread. :slight_smile:


Learning how to win is important to. I don’t really play to learn combos or setups. I personally play to learn how to do what it takes to win. Thus my execution is ass, my footsies are ass, my spacing is ass, and my mindgames are ass. However, I consistently rank very highly in the tournaments that I go to. There’s no style that fits everyone, but I would say that if I were a different person, I’d be advising myself to actually learn how to play the game correctly. Just makes things easier as you get to a higher level.


i have your answer, all you need is confidence. I have a feeling you go into a match online with the feeling of self doubt, the FEAR of dropping combos or not even doing what you learned correctly is the reason you suck online. Just go in with a better mentality then youll be bodying people in fighting games before you know it. I used to be like that.

when i first started january,february, and even march this year i was scared of making mistakes when it was showtime against real humans. After i changed my mentality i started winning 80% of my matches, even got people saying " no way you started this year!" Part of that is me being a fast learner, but more than half of that is confidence. When your confident you see the world in HD mode.


Here’s a thought: make sure if you’re losing, your getting outplayed instead of giving it away.

Giving it away = going for the super predictable meaty and getting wake up ultra-ed. Doing an obvious jump in on a dude with full bar and ultra.
Getting outplayed = making your opponent actually have to earn his damage by playing solid and safe.

read a blog about a guy learning to play who was sitting on a huge life lead, only to do a sloppy short and get murdered for it. his opponent told him afterwards, “really? you gave away half your life for 40 damage?”

Street fighter is all about decisions, and judging the risk/reward. Learn to predict what your opponent will do (match up knowledge will help you), and figure out how to limit his options.

Good luck!!!