Advice: I am going to make my first home made arcade stick

About a week ago I wanted to buy a Hori EX2 arcade stick for my Xbox 360 but realized it wasn’t fully what I wanted. So I decided to google around and I found this forum. I have gone through every page of the “Custom Stick Gallery” and realized, I think I can just make my own. I just want to make a small American Street Fighter style stick. I am serious about making my first stick and if it ends well, I would like to make more. I have never done any woodwork but my dad has all of the tools I would need so that isn’t a problem. It seems like a fun experience but before I waste my money on the wrong things I wanted to check with you guys first.

Stuff to buy:
3x Black Happ Competition Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch
5x Red Happ Competition Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch
1x White Happ Competition Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch
1x Black Happ 8-Way Competition Joystick
?x .187 Crimp On Quick Connects
1x Barrier Strip
(All from Lizardlick)

1x Wired Xbox 360 Controller

This isn’t including the wires… I don’t know what type of wires I need to get.

I have seen the diagrams and I have a basic idea of what is going on. I got different colored buttons to change the outside ring alternating black/red for the attack buttons, a white button for the guide, and two red buttons for Back and Start.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to get started on this and thank you for your time.

Im having a kind of hard time picking out the right backround/button color/cab color but technical wise… it sounds good?

Thinking about it… I don’t need a “back” button since “B” or “Guide” usually cancel things out.

I want to try finding wallpapers related too…
Street Fighter: Akuma
Soul Calibur: Mitsurugi

anyways, when I get my 360 controller… I’ll start ordering everything else.

Yes please we want to see pics. Don’t get your hopes down on if the box doesn’t come out the way you wanted. Just keep making more boxes and you’ll eventually get better and better everytime.

Just curious why 5 comp buttons and not 6?

At first I was thinking of six black/red alternating buttons and three other buttons for Back/Guide/Start but I don’t need a dedicated button for Back.

For the buttons… where can I get white “rings” and clear blue buttons?
I am not really sure what size I want/need but I do play alot of 3S at the arcade and I need convex buttons… thats whats at the official 3S arcades right?

I am thinking of stretching out this wallpaper, cleaning up the text, and the center of the circle on the blade, using that to drill my hole for the stick.

I still don’t know how big/small I want my stick to be.

If you’re going with Happ buttons and want convex style, there isn’t a way to get a clear plunger. Happ doesn’t make clear convex buttons only concave. I’m pretty sure that you can mix plungers with rings but I’m not too sure. I know with Sanwa and Seimitsu you can mix and match.

It’s all preference. I personally like competition buttons because they don’t hurt my fingers when I have to do Magneto’s rom in MvC2.

On the size of the box, check this thread out. Paik4life explains how he makes his boxes and what the dimensions for his boxes are. Take it with a grain of salt because again it’s all down to preference. Some people like big boxes because they have big hands and some people prefer small boxes for saving space. If you check out the Essentials thread it’ll answer most of the questions that you have.

And as the japanese say ganbattane!!! good luck!! ^^

I don’t have a problem with either Happ, Sanwa, or Seimitsu buttons… I just need to have a bat style stick.

The American version of Third Strike has Concave buttons right? If thats the case… where can I get white Sanwa/Seimitsu rings and or clear blue Sanwa/Seimitsu plungers?

Also, how does the backround art sound if I clean it up?

All arcades are different some have concave and some have convex. The sanwa and seimitsu buttons you have to buy white buttons and seimitsu clear buttons to do that. They don’t sell the ring and plunger separate.

You’re idea for the background art sounds pretty good.

For the wired controller, I recommend the MadCatz controllers they sell at GameStop (which are rebranded as GameStop controllers) for $25. It’s common ground and the soldering points are well-documented.

Doesn’t SF 2 Turbo require you to press the Back button if your controller comes unplugged?

I like to use 30 gauge Kynar wire for internal wiring, but you can’t use quick disconnects with it. You have to solder to the buttons. So most people use 24 gauge, I think.

Personally I’m using 22 gauge wire, because most .187 QDs are for 18-22 gauge wire. For the .100 QDs you may have to use a smaller gauge - I think 18 is the heaviest you can even get for those terminals. My advice? Heavier wire is your friend. :slight_smile:

One thing I noticed: start button on the side means doing Ryu’s fake hadouken is more impractical. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want concave that doesn’t hurt your hands go with horizontal push button with microswitch.
If you want a bat style stick but japanese base you can just get a japanese stick and switch out the balltop with a bat top plus adapter (JLF/JLW and LS-32/01/02 and any other Seimitsu stick that is about equal shaft width) The JLW-UM is premade for the battop as well, and if it has a larger shaft then you don’t need the adapter. All of this stuff is sold at Lizardlick as well by the way.

A combo of white sides and clear blues don’t exist, it’s either all or nothing.

So if I were to buy:
6x White Happ Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch
6X Trans. Blue Happ/IL Translucent Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch

I would want to switch the clear buttons into the white rings… is there anywhere that just sells rings?

Wait can you mix white plungers with translucent rings? Also, you can’t buy rings seperately

I don’t know if you can or can’t.

If I can then I’ll end up getting those 12 buttons and switching them out… then using the other complete set of buttons for another stick in the future.

If not then… I’ll just order 6 white happs and 6 blue happs and swith them… THAT will work right?

BTW thank you guys for being so paitent with all of my questions.

Guess so. Would be better if we got an actual answer from someone who has both translucent and normal ones. Lizardlick?

Say’s who you can’t mix and match plungers and rings

yeah but are those HAPP buttons?

I just found this diagram:

So I guess if the plungers are the same size it’s all interchangable.

All buttons within their respective models can be interchanged with each other. This is confirmed.

When I said a combo of those colors don’t exist, I meant that the companies don’t make them. You can still buy the two colors separately and interchange them.