Advice on B Sagat vs ken B+ or higher



I have been playing sagat for some time now but for some reason i find ken to be slightly difficult to play against at times i understand the use of TS and zoning i fake ts to bait them in to jumping and kara TU or S’FK however; some how i get hit by mid kick and it stuffs ts i understand slk can beat that but my biggest thing is how do you get the ken off because he has many mix ups and i do get tempted 2 TU but i only do if i have 2 ex bars to fadc but even then sagats hit box is retarded so what can i do if i can not zone them and they get with in arms reach besides grab or TU fadc also what ultra would u recommend in the ken match up


You have to try to keep him away. Your at a disadvantage when he is close. Read up on the matchup some. Also watch for the crossup tatsus they can lead into some nasty combos. When he is close jist be patient and watch for his throws.


non jumpers

some people, (thinkers?) wont jump in on sagat unless they see the opportunity. if they like to step kick you there is long startup for it and if ou are fast enough you can standing roundhouse them during startup and it will beat them clean. or focusing works good too. a couple times not getting in that way will usually get them to try the tatsu crossup, just standing strong punch when they do that. works pretty well for fellow B level scrubs here in japan. if you focus and they jump make sure to forward dash and not back dash or you will eat a huge combo.