Advice on buying a stick (PS3)

Evening gents and ladies. First time buyer, long time gamer. I’ve been using my C-pad for a while now with fighting games but I have long desired to upgrade to an arcade stick. I was wondering if you could recommend me some sticks for the PS3 that you may own or have heard good things about.

I found a nice stick on Amazon but it seems a bit pricey. Is it worth the $120 its listed for? Also what are some features/manufacturers that I should look out for and avoid?

Thank you. :smile:

Arcade Stick for PS3 on Amazon

To add to the question, are there any that are backwards compatible with PS2 games that are played on a 1st gen PS3?

That’s a good stick. It’s hori and has all sanwa parts. The same buttons and joystick as Japanese fighting game cabinets. It’s worth the money. Madcatz Tournament Edition sticks are a good choice, too. A few more dollars($130), but you may prefer the case or button layout. They both have the same stick and buttons, just made by different companies.

Those are your two best choices for a quality stick.The cheaper ones will have to be modded eventually. The buttons and stick usually wear out pretty quickly.

The HRAP3 that the OP linked to can be used to play PS2 games on PS3 BC, but the PS3 Mad Catz TE can’t.

HRAPs are great. you can usually find a TE stick cheaper for sale and it seems like it has more bells and whistles than a HRAP but I think time has shown the build quality of the hrap is better.

Stop what your doing right now.

Put in your zip code. Pray that they have one around you. Go grab it for 99 bucs.

Yeah they have it in a store by me. Is it better than the one I posted? I can’t really tell the difference aside from the decal.

HRAP? TE? I’m not very familiar with these terms. ?__?

For your purposes, yes it’s better. Mainly cause it’s cheaper and cause you can go pick it up right now instead of waiting 2 weeks for it in the mail.

HRAP = Hori Real Arcade Pro. What you posted on the Amazon link.
TE = Madcatz Tournament Edition stick. What I posted in the gamestop link.

I haven’t had much experience with the HRAP but the TE hasn’t done me wrong so far. Oh and it’s cheaper. Did I mention cheaper means you save money? If you want perspective, a lot of the pro players have jumped on the madcatz bandwagon. The stick originally went for 140… or was it 160? Either way it’s on sale for 99.00 now. Oh by the way, it’s cheaper.

I’d go with the MvC2 TE stick since it’s 99 right now. If you’re looking for one that can play BC games Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA is the better choice. There’s not much difference between the two so choose whichever you like.

For BC hori is the way to go.

I have a TE and I love it. I believe the te is easier to mod but I may be wrong.

Both are really high quality sticks… can’t go wrong either way.

Just got the Marvel one for myself today . Thanks for the heads up . Was going to get another one but no stores near me have anymore.

Check out the first post of the noobie thread in Tech Talk for stick buying advice:

HRAPs are awesome sticks. I’m definitely a fan.

And that price isn’t bad at all either.

What are the opinions on the Tekken 6 stick?

I am planing on picking up a 360 or PS3 soon. Seems cheap for the bundle. I am going to pick up a TE also but would that package be worth it?
I plan on waiting for the new Madcatz Street fighter sticks to come out. But want one to hold me over until then.

Like everyone is saying, get the Marvel stick. It’s probably going to sell for double the price on ebay once it runs out of stock, and it’s pretty much the best stick on the market right now in terms of quality (if you can’t find the Marvel one then go ahead see if your local Gamestop has the SFIV ones).

Truth be told if you aren’t using a custom you’re playing on a TE or a modded HRAP these days anyways.

TEs are Madcatz’ top of the line product. They have a really solid build and come equipped with sanwa osbns & a JLF, which are the parts most people use to make their custom sticks anyways. If there isn’t anything in your area that has TEs in stocks then that HRAP is probably just as good, it even has the same stick and buttons. If for whatever reason you prefer the HRAP’s feel to the TE that’s actually a killer deal. (I had to order my HRAP for $150 off of PlayAsia, then pay another 50 dollars for shipping, then another $50 to mod it out with Sanwa parts since it wasn’t a special edition.)

If there is any chance of you playing games on multiple systems (ie at tournaments or casual gatherings) I would suggest investing in a PS2 stick and buying converters for the other systems. It would be far cheaper in the long run.

If not, I would suggest the HRAP 3-SA because of the PS3 backwards compatiblilty with all PS2 arcade games, not just fighters.
Personally, I also perfer the Astro City style button layout the HRAP uses compared to the Vewlix style button layout the TE sticks use.

damn, i copped the Hori Fighting Stick 3 from amazon for $33 shipped…but i’m starting to read that in order to mod, i’m going to have to solder and do more than just snap parts on and off. at least it’s backwards compatible…

Shouldn’t Sony have a list on what works with the 1st gen PS3?

of games, but i don’t think they list peripherals since there are so many

Usually, tourneys will notify you what the games will be on. Though your right on having a converter.