Advice on buying sticks for moding?

I’ve got a project in mind and have come across an old SE for about 41 plus 15 dollar shipping am I getting a fair price or should I keep looking? Anyone have any stories or advice to offer me for buying used sticks online?

That is about right

These threads should help you, depends on what console you want it for, what parts do you want in it, how much do you plan on spending after modding etc.
You can get a Mad Catz Brawl stick on Amazon for around $70 brand new, or others in the what stick controller should I buy talk about Mayflash V2 sticks are that are decent and around $70 also new.

For clarification: I am planning on painting it and possibly dual modding it, as well as dropping a full sanwa kit in there. I’m willing to spend as much as is necessary, I just don’t know what the average rate for the SE/Brawl Stick line of arcade sticks is.