Advice on finding a quality case?


So I’ve spent the last 4 months trying to track down a quality stick case and have run into nothing but frustration. TE/SE Pre-orders fell through, other stick prices skyrocketed, and everyone is sold out… of everything. Tried grabbing a Norris case the last two times they were offered and unfortunately didn’t have any luck there either.

Buttons, stick, pcb, wiring, and all the other parts I’m going to need are sitting right here, just no case to put them in. This is really really depressing :frowning:

I know I could just opt for a cheap case and have something to play on, but what’s the point? I have the money for a quality case, and I just really don’t want to play with a piece of garbage EX2/other. Dare I say I’d even have trouble finding one of those…

So those of you who have had luck tracking down a quality case in the last few months - where did you go? Am I seriously going to have to go spend a grand on woodworking tools to make it myself?


Doh! I completely misread the whole situation. Sorry, Fb. Expunge.