Advice on how to better your Live connections - In response to Edieman

Hey Gamers, :tup:

If you have any advice to better your Xbox Live connection aside from the obvious (locations, downloading) post it here. Below is my response to Ediemans inquiries.

Edieman :tup:,

I have a D-Link router with 3 problems and I solved them with these troubleshooting methods as stated below:

My router has a firewall which blocked and slowed down the data that the Xbox was sending and receiving. So by opening specific ports I freed the Xbox to send/receive data on my Live connection. Call your router company on how to achieve this.

Secondly, I had the latest firmware 3.51 which was not Xbox Live compatible, so I had to revert to the previous 3.36 version. Being under the impression that the latest is the greatest D-Link just recently informed me that this was not apparently so. So regularly check your routers home page for updates.

Lastly, the connection from my Xbox to my D-Link router was hardwired using a 100 foot cable which was excessive and lagged the connection. Now many people disagree with this but it is true in some cases. Case in point, weve had Halo 2 tournaments at NYC colleges using 200 ft. Ethernet cables over system linked games and the lag (while tolerable) was self-evident.

Now, Universal Plug and Play from what Im aware of doesnt involve the connection but merely states that its compatible with a multitude of hardware without having to install drivers, firmware, program etc. It improves your gaming experience because ready to use of the box (most of the time), saving you headaches but this is really a clever marketing statement. Otherwise if Im wrong let me know.

On that Tuesday April 19, 2005 it took me 5 hours to get it right with Xbox Live, D-Link, and Optimum Online (my ISP provider). One rep kept saying this, while the other rep said that so I eventually had to have a 3-way phone call with both the D-Link and Xbox Live reps to synchronize each others knowledge, but nevertheless the job was done.

Peace man.

P.S. whats your gamer tag on 3S, I want to challenge you. :karate: