Advice on how to deal with fireballs

ahhh the difficulties of cody trying to get in on a well footsie ryu and his projectlies, i need adivce i try to do a ex slide but when he knows my patters he shows it then takes it away and punishes, i know to do rocks back then fake rocks and hope he jumps then i can anti air or hk ruffian , what im trying to learn is crack kick then bingo through it, which bingo do you guys use, which one goes the furthest

Here is my scrubby advice. I play vs Ryu more than anyone else (online) so I’ve developed a number of tricks. Vs a good footsie Ryu its still a challenge. Vs a good footsie + hyper aggressive Ryu you really have to trust yourself and back your game.

Patience, patience, patience. It depends on the exact player but you should be able to apply pressure by walking forward (w/ a charaged zonk) ready to react to Ryu’s response:

  • Ryu’s jumps toward you = anti-air. B+mp, hk.rk or cr.hp (you need to learn the ranges to use each);
  • Ryu’s fireballs = zonk if your close enough. FA and dash forward (if you’re further away). If you’re unsure just block then resume moving forward. You can play fireball wars but Cody needs to be close to Ryu so you should be attempting to approach;
  • Ryu goes into xx fireball. There are a few options. One is to block and see what he does ie jump in, jump back, walk back etc. You can zonk through the fireball after in many, many case. It requries a bit of practice to get it down. Block, don’t take damage and continue to move in;
  • Ryu starts his annoying frame trap as you get close:,, then begins fireballs etc again. Block - the entire set and be ready for him to jump after. I’m pretty sure you FA the then dash in for a combo. Make it count;
  • Ryu goes into a random FA. I hate these players - guess wrong and you eat a nasty combo (and I guess wrong a lot). If you have zonk simply realise it (it will armor break). If you’re reactions are on point hit mk.rk (another breaker). Lk.rk if you’re unsure of distance.

Mostly you want to keep walking forward stopping his offense until he is in the corner. All the time look for your combo options and make them hurt him. Always block when unsure vs fireballs. Landing a combo then losing the life lead is frustrating and means you have to stalk him down again. Once he’s in the corner fish for couter hits, throw setups etc to maintain pressure. Against high defensive Ryu’s who frame trap, footsie, fireball and run you want to get the life lead and then keep the pressure on as time runs down.

You will move in, get hit out and have to start again. Take a breath and again approach slowly. Its better (for your long term game) to get chipped out by fireballs or lose to time out than panic, rush unsafely and eat a heap of damage that costs you the round. Players make mistakes under pressure - if you’re used to applying it you’ll be ready to punish them for it.

Hope this is some help.


above post is horrible advice…

DUDE!! just lay down taunt, they will be forced to run in on you and mash ultra in close range, then just punish them wit DA BOOT!

Lol, good advice. Cr mk( slide) timed right goes under fire balls.
If you are playing ae, remember that cr. Lk is 3 frames now.
Try this
Cr. Hp. Xx xx( confirm to criminal upper)
That frame trap is messing up alot of my opponents recently.
Also, if you cant react i time for a hk. Ruff kick, jaw breaker is a good enough anti air, plus you can a dash under mixup after.
After alot of play testing, ive noticed that it beats some of oni’s slide punch special, and yun and yangs dive kicks.
Hope that helps

cr.hp is -1 on block, so cr.hp xx is a larger gap, so it can be mashed out.
cl.hp and f+mp are +1 on block so xx is a slightly smaller frame gap. is +4 on block, and is 5 so its a really small frame trap gap.

My most successful all time frame trap is f+mp (blocked) then xx CU. Since this isnt a hit confirm if I do this I do (character and opponent dependent).
You can hit confirm with f+mp, c.lp (hit confirm) xx whatever.

I try to mix it up as much as possible. Lately I’ve noticed more and more that people are wise to Cody’s frame traps and just block EVERYTHING so I need to tick throw and do more high low mix-ups.

This is mostly common knowledge but I’m bored and thought I’d post what i’ve seen.

True enough. I get thrown off jump in when i play a good opponent.
So i option select throw.
Example- jump im mk- crouch lp+lk+hpxx whatever
Beats crouch techs
I use cr hp because recently, i play alot of matches against the twins and oni, and counter hit cr. Fp trade give me enough time to link xx criminal upper

This is something only experience can teach you I’m afraid. I’m sure you already know what moves Cody has that get through fireballs. Grind it out.