Advice on living in NYC Manhattan

Money isn’t everything. All I know is if I made 100,000 in NYC I would be more than fine. Like I said, it all depends on what YOU consider good standards of living. Also I don’t know if you have been here yet, but if I were you I would visit the area to know what you’re really dealing with.

I don’t see how you can’t live in NYC if your making 100K. I know people who made less and were able to live in the actual city. If you’re really worried, then have your wife get a semi decent job. If she makes at least 30k-40k (standard salary for any entry level position) you should most definitely be fine living in the city.

^exactly. and don’t go to NY expecting what you have in denmark. you definitely want to visit first…

you have pics of how you live in denmark? just curious…we might be able to give you a better idea on where you should live based off of some pics of where you live right now.

anyway, yeah, if you can’t live off of 100k a year in ny then i dunno. shit. give ME the money.

do you stay in a major city in denmark or are you in the suburbs? there are some really nice areas of queens you should consider. i disagree with the walking thing, though…thats what a train is for. damn walking 80 blocks and being hot and sweaty by the time you get to where you were going…although you should try it at least once so you get a feel for the area you’ll be in.

and i agree with the other poster, do NOT fall for the bus to train station thing. if at all possible, try to be a block or two away from the train station, wherever you live.

Staten Island isn’t bad as far as commute. I live in the middle of the island and it only takes me about 1 hr to get to the chinatown area. The main commute is honestly the ferry which is only a 15-20 minute walk to the area. The other option is to take a bus to Bay Ridge which I believe is about a half hour ride then take the R Train uptown, which can be relatively fast.

Rent is a bitch though. My GF was living with her bum roomate paying 975 for a “nice” apartment that was located in a run down area. It wasn’t horrible but there were times where it just didn’t feel right.

I would say Brooklyn would be your best bet though.

Thanks again all!

I was in NY during last year in september where I spend 14 days working for the company
that is now offering me the relocation.

I wouldn’t say I know the city that well though. I spend most of the time downtown manhattan.

Last time was a work trip and we was eating out all the time, so I never experienced
the cost of “normal” life.

My future (hopefully) colleagues said I would be ok as well, but I figured I should
just check other sources as well for more oppinions.

Also I don’t expect the same living standart as in denmark at all, but the comment about eating ramen
for life even with 100k got me a little worried. I had expected responses like
"don’t worry. You’ll be more than fine, unless you want to go out eating every night"

Which some of you also points out. Or at least that is how I understand it.

My current view of the situation now is that if we find a one bedrom in brooklyn or similar
price range we should be just fine and not have to worry all day about having to
eat unhealthy cheap food all the time.

Many thanks!

Yeah for 100k salary you won’t be eating ramen unless it’s real ramen from a japanese place but that shit is only $5 for a bowl as huge as your head so whatever.

that ramen comment is obviously very over exaggerated, though. and who eats out every night? actually, lemme answer that…i have an aunt that makes like 60k or so that stays in kew gardens and she eats out everyday and she’s fine. she has NOTHING in her fridge except two cans of pepsi, two cans of ginger ale…and a 40 ounce in case a nigga comes over (no, really).

if you’re making 100k, you will be just fine. don’t worry. i just wouldn’t live in manhattan though… i’d pick queens (or brooklyn) because you could keep a lot more of that money in your bank account that way (as far as rent).

have you tried googling manhattan apartments/condos to give you an idea as far as price? try that with queens too. the f train will get you anywhere you need to be anyway. if it doesn’t go there you didn’t need to be there in the first place.

oh, last thing…what you need to consider is this:
manhattan = more expensive, (hopefully) less of a commute
queens or brooklyn = less expensive but more of a commute (which still probably would not equal the amount you’d pay to live in manhattan)

make a pros and cons list with manhattan on one side and queens/brooklyn on the other. fill it out based off of your own research and then figure out which suits you best.

i don’t think some people know how much 100k actually is. You’ll be fine in the city off of 100k. You won’t be struggling to pay rent and you won’t be eating ramen every night.

^seriously…some of these ppl dont even live by themselves yet and they think they know whats good.
Hell you could make 40k and be eating good…

F train with occasional A train assist is really the only option, and shit, those are the only two trains I ever take.

Fuck the F train in Brooklyn, that shit and the R are horrible.

I wouldn’t know, if I take the F or the R into Brooklyn I only take it one stop in so :tup: to living close to Manhattan.