Advice on my first custom stick


I have just finished picking out my parts for my stick and I just want to make i got everything i need.

I am Buying this stuff from

1 x white with s mounting plate JLF-TP-8S-SK
3 x white PS-14-D-N
6 x white OBSN-30
1 x clear bubble ball LB-39
1 x 5 pin wire harness JLF-H
1 x octagonal restrictor GT-Y

I am making this stick for Xbox 360, so i think i am gonna use this for pcb.
Xbox 360 Mad Catz wired controller.

I just have a question about quick disconnects. How many do i need? 2 for each button? I know i need buy .187 and .110 for the 2 different buttons, but how many?

On a side not, how long is akihabara’s air mail shipping to north america?

Thanks for helping a first timer,

You probably can’t buy anything other than a big pack of those QDs anyways. I’m not sure about that though. I’m not even using QDs for mine, just gonna solder everything in.

Air mail is something like 1-2 weeks. EMS is the way to go. 3 days.

I think its .110 for sanwa/seimitsu…If I were you id buy form lizardlick instead…I thinks shipping from akihabara is expensive…(correct me if im wrong)

Not really, akihabarashop is cheaper than Lizard and the shipping such as EMS would be the same total as Lizard. I ordered from both sites and the total came out to be the same.

ohh…oreder from akihabarashop then since they have the 2 week delay sumthing on lizardlick

it depends honestly. i was getting two JLF-TP-8Y from akihabara, but noticed you still need a wiring harness and mounting plate.

two JLF-TP-8Y, 20 OSBN-30s are cheaper at lizardlick than they are at akihabara (i’m taking into consideration the fact you have to buy wiring harness and stuff from aki) and shipping (EMS from aki and USPS priority from lizardlick) akihabara is like $10 more, but if i were to use air mail or something it’d be about the same price as lizardlick. and air mail w/fast handling at aki vs priority from lizard lick and slow handling might mean + or - 2 days by the time you receive your stuff. although i hear there is like a 2-3 week wait over at lizard lick.

i guess bottom line is…do your shopping. if you have to return something cuz its defective or something and you’ll be paying out of pocket, go with lizard lick (i’m not sure how returns, etc work with either)

Don’t forget that if you want the stick with a shaft cover, like the OP mentioned, that you’ll also have to buy the wiring harness at LizardLick, it’s not included. From Akihabarashop with EMS shipping, a lot of people have been getting their orders in 7-8 days, while LL orders are just now showing up from 2/15, and just shipped out from 2/17.

The pricing difference varies from order to order, sometimes higher at Akihabarashop, and sometimes higher at LizardLick, but it’s rarely a large difference either way, and currently Akihabarashop has both a better selection and a faster delivery time. Chad at LizardLick runs a great business, and once he gets caught up again I have no doubt that his delivery time will be at least as good as Akihabarashop. In the meantime, you’ll have to compare the price as well as the amount of time it’s going to take and decide from there. Both shops provide a great service to the community, and neither is a bad decision, as long as you do your research before you order.