Advice on nailing 360 input shortcut?

Delete thread.

Why not just do the full 360? That will get you the motion everytime, regardless of shortcuts or not.

Hell, my problem is getting the motion when I don’t want it due to the shortcuts. Ridiculous you’re asking how to do the shortcut directly instead of trying to perform the correct motion anyway.

Sad times we live in.

Fuck you.

Like Tech said, do the full motion. Not only will it help you hit 360s, doing the full motion for every move (yes, that includes DP motions, fuck your DF -> F -> DF + P) will drastically improve your overall execution and help you when you go to play a different fighter in the future.

Lol at Alexander getting his feelings hurt and put SRK trolls as a reason

Why would you say fuck you to someone that’s helping? You remind me of my friend, I offered him a free bike the other day and he told me to fuck off. Of course I said it’s not crappy like his, but that doesn’t make much of a difference, I was still offering a free bike.

Did the bike have tassels and/or a basket?

I’m with AwesomeObliterator, more info is needed before we can side with you or your friend Banga.